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Minecraft Dungeons End Game

Minecraft Dungeons End Game

Minecraft Dungeons is the new action RPG dungeon crawler from Mojang Studios. It takes place in the Minecraft universe, and players will need to explore randomly generated dungeons to level their characters and gear them out with unique loot. After playing through the story, you get into the Minecraft Dungeons Endgame. Let’s take a look at what that entails.

Minecraft Dungeons End Game

After completing the main story, new difficulties will unlock in Minecraft Dungeons, including Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse. For each difficulty, there are six multipliers you can choose from, with the maximum being x6.

The new tiers of difficulty unlock things like more dungeons, tougher enemies, and better loot. Mojang wants the end-game to consist of taking down bosses and getting awesome loot. 


  • Enemies are balanced for a first playthrough
  • Very few enchanted enemies
  • Rewards are average


  • Enemies are hard to defeat and hit hard
  • New enemy enchantments
  • Rewards are better
  • New gear and artifacts available


  • Enemies are ultra beefy and ultra punishing
  • Lots of enemies with powerful enchantments
  • Rewards are ultra good
  • Even more gear and artifacts available

In town, players can find a camp where they can choose which missions to embark on, based on your character’s Power Level. The higher your power level is, the better gear you can find. For now, that’s everything the Minecraft Dungeons end game includes.

Perhaps Mojang will decide to add something like Diablo’s Greater Rifts or Path of Exile’s mapping system to add more replayability. 

For other Minecraft Dungeons content, take a look at the Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items List to see all the different types of powerful items.

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