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Marvel Future Revolution Storm – build and skills

A look at the best Marvel Future Revolution Storm build, including top-tier skills and specializations to make the most of her abilities.
Marvel Future Revolution Storm build

Storm is, objectively speaking, one of the most powerful people in the entirety of the prime Marvel universe. The thing about controlling the weather is that it’s like a hundred different superpowers in one; Storm commands heat, cold, lightning, rain, wind, and probably a bunch of other meteorological phenomena I’d need to consult a textbook to know about. It shouldn’t be especially surprising, then, that Storm is an absolute powerhouse in every video game she’s ever been in, Marvel Future Revolution included. In this guide, we will take a look at the best Marvel Future Revolution Storm build, including which skills and specializations to focus on.

Storm is the be all, end all when it comes to crowd control. While she’s not the best choice for one-on-one PvP bouts, when it comes to mopping up PvE jobbers, nobody does it better. Her best offensive moves all cover wide areas, dealing AoE damage, while her defensive moves give her defensive buffs and even outright invulnerability. The Marvel Future Revolution Storm build below will take this into consideration and hone in on her strengths.

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Marvel Future Revolution Storm build

Marvel Future Revolution Storm Build

Best Storm Build Skills:

Weather Witch: ElectrocutionRepeatedly pound a single target with powerful lightning bolts.
Icicle Crash: Snowstorm ShieldCreate a frozen barrier to become invincible for a few seconds, then shatter the barrier to deal AoE damage.
Lightning Attack: Thunder CrashStrike a large area with a massive bolt of lightning.
Atmosphere Control: Lightning SphereThrow a lightning sphere that explodes on impact, dealing electrical damage in an area.
Atmokinesis: Wall of FrostCreate an ice barrier to raise DEF while slowing nearby foes.

Best Storm Build Specializations:

ThunderboltWhenever you apply a stack of Shock on an enemy, you have a chance to apply additional bonus stacks.
Lightning RodAdds chain lightning to attacks, which spreads to 3 nearby enemies and deals half the attack’s max damage.
Rainy SeasonIncreases all skill damage by 30%, but also increases the stamina skills require by 30%.
Rain RitualIncreases Shock damage by 5% for each Lightning Cloud-class skill equipped.

Storm has two special abilities, Shock and Chill. For the purposes of this build, Electrocution, Thunder Crash, and Lightning Sphere stack Shock, while Snowstorm Shield and Wall of Frost stack Chill. Enemies afflicted with Shock suffer an ATK debuff for about 7 seconds, while enemies afflicted with Chill suffer movement speed and dodge rate penalties, and are frozen in place for 4 seconds.

As I mentioned, Storm is the master of AoE. Snowstorm Shield, Lightning Sphere, and Thunder Crash all brutalize crowds of foes, the latter two more so thanks to Rain Ritual, while Lightning Rod allows them to spread their influence even further beyond their targeted range. Speaking of, while Electrocution is a single-target attack (albeit an absolutely devastating one guaranteed to atomize trash mobs), since Lighting Rod deals its damage based on the attack’s max damage, you can still fry anyone standing nearby when you use it, even if they’re not your target. 

The only thing you need to worry about when using Storm is her positioning. Her moves have a bit of a long windup, and none of them offer any kind of repositioning, so if anyone manages to slip through your onslaught, you might accidentally leave yourself open. In this situation, use Wall of Frost or Snowstorm Shield to make a quick escape to safer ground.

Since Rainy Season raises your stamina costs in exchange for a damage boost, you also want to be mindful about committing to your attacks. The extra stamina burn makes it harder to bust out moves in rapid succession, so make sure you’re aiming where you should be before you pull the trigger. If you miss, it might take longer than you’d like to be ready for another go-around.

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