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Marvel Future Revolution Tier List (December 2023)

Here's our Marvel Future Revolution tier list, ranking the best Marvel Future Revolution heroes
Marvel Future Revolution tier list

Marvel Future Revolution is Marvel’s first open-world action RPG to date and our favorite heroes are on the scene, this time in a mobile MMO format. We’ll be going through each hero and giving an overview of what they bring to the table. Deciding who to pick first can be difficult, as each character will require time and resource investments. The heroes all have their strengths, weaknesses, and unique skills to bring to your squad, but it’s safe to say some are overall better than others.

Since there are many heroes to choose from, you might be wondering which ones are worth building. That’s why we’ve come up with the Marvel Future Revolution tier list to help you out. We’ll be ranking every character and providing an overview so that you can figure out the best marvel Future Revolution heroes in the game.

At time of writing, there are only eight characters in Marvel Future Revolution’s roster, nearly all of whom are mainstays of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hey, gotta push that brand recognition, right? That said, as Marvel Future Revolution is a live-service MMO, there will be more characters coming down the line, so don’t lose hope if your favorite isn’t on the board just yet.

Here’s our Marvel Future Revolution tier list.

Marvel Future Revolution Tier List

TierMarvel Future Revolution hero
SBlack Widow, Captain America
ADoctor Strange, Captain Marvel
BSpider-Man, Iron Man, Storm

Marvel Future Revolution heroes

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Captain America

Captain America

Originally a skinny kid from Brooklyn with dreams of protecting the weak, Steve Rogers became the world’s first super-soldier to fight Nazis (and Hydra) during World War II. He ended up frozen in an arctic glacier, and was thawed out in modern times, taking up the mantle as the leader of the Avengers.

As an old-school boy scout, Cap is suitable for pretty much any kind of play style. If you’re not sure who you want to spend the bulk of the game as, he’s a great character to get your feet wet with.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Black Widow

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov, codename Black Widow, was trained from childhood to be one of Russia’s deadliest spies and assassins. A change of heart in adulthood prompted her to join the world-protecting organization SHIELD, which led to her landing a spot as one of the founding Avengers. What she lacks in superpowers, she makes up for in raw martial talent and cunning.

Widow’s a front-line combatant, and an excellent choice against either players or CPUs. There are heavier hitters, sure, but she’s good at keeping foes on their toes with fast, disorienting moves, provided you yourself can figure out how they work.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark, the cool exec with a heart of steel, literally! While he used to be a bit of a schmuck, a chance encounter with a terrorist cell that lodged shrapnel in his heart prompted Stark to turn his brilliant engineering skills toward world-saving. With boundless intellect and endless resources, he is Iron Man, the brains (and wallet) of the Avengers.

Iron Man is another excellent introductory character, and debatably beyond that. His kit is extremely easy to use and hits like a truck, so he’s a perfectly viable choice for a main.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

A Captain of a different breed from Captain America, Carol Danvers used to be a US Air Force pilot before exposure to alien tech both granted her superhuman abilities and revealed her own extraterrestrial origins. Many heroines have worn the mantle of Captain Marvel over the years, but you can recognize this one by her high-flying, energy-blasting abilities as she patrols the stars.

Captain Marvel is an absolute dreadnought of an attacker, boasting some of the highest attack stats in the entire game. If all you want is to smash and blast stuff, she’s your gal.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange was one of the world’s most accomplished neurosurgeons, at least until an accident nearly crippled his hands. Desperate for solutions, he opened his mind to realms beyond our own, becoming a master of mysticism and sorcery and defending the world from extradimensional terrors.

While Strange is no slouch in the combat department, his real use is as a supporter. In fact, he’s the only character right now with any kind of support capability, so he’s a good choice if you prefer a more hands-off approach. He is also one of the best heroes for leveling in Marvel Future Revolution thanks to his basic AoE attack.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Spider-Man


When shy and nerdy Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained an array of incredible arachnid abilities, though his use of those abilities was tempered by the tragic passing of his Uncle Ben. With the knowledge that with great power comes great responsibility, Peter became Spider-Man, protector of New York City (and often beyond!).

Everyone loves ol’ Web-Head, and his hit-and-run acrobatics are an absolute joy to play. That said, his kit is a bit difficult to wrap your head around, so you may need to practice a bit first before you can use him effectively.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Star-Lord


After being abducted by aliens as a kid, Peter Quill grew up to become Star-Lord, universe-renowned bounty and treasure hunter. He also happens to be the son of Ego the Living Planet, making him a half -godly being, but it doesn’t really come up that often. He’d rather just talk about mix tapes.

Star-Lord is intended for a mix-up playstyle, as he can go at foes both up close or from afar. His damage isn’t spectacular, but his adaptability goes a decent way in keeping him in the game. Overall, we think he’s maybe the weakest hero in Marvel Future Revolution. That’s not to say he’s terrible overall, though.

Marvel Future Revolution tier list - Storm


Ororo Munroe is a mutant, born with the incredible ability to create and command localized weather phenomena. Originally hailed a goddess of verdure on the plains of the Serengeti, she joined Charles Xavier’s X-Men to learn more about herself and her abilities, becoming Storm, the only non-MCU character on this list.

Storm is all about the area-of-effect, blasting away large crowds of weaker foes with ice and lightning. She’s not as effective in a one-on-one conflict, but her large-scale attacks make her great for dealing lots of damage at once and leveling up.

That concludes our Marvel Future Revolution tier list, but it will be updated frequently with new patches, updates, and the introduction of new characters. Bookmark this page and check back frequently for changes! If you want some more mobile games to check out, browse our best mobile Roguelikes and best gacha games for more options.

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