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Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man – build and skills

Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man – build and skills

Spider-Man was one of the first comic book superheroes I became cognizant of in my formative years. I read and re-read his origin story in a trade paperback penned by Stan Lee himself over and over until it was drilled into my head. Spider-Man, to me, wasn’t just a wise-cracking superathlete, he was a relatable, occasionally tragic character, and it’s that humanity that’s endeared him to myself and so many others over the years. If you’d like to go for a swing with the web head, you’re gonna need the right skills to do it. Here’s the best Spider-Man build in Marvel Future Revolution.

While Spider-Man does have the proportionate super strength of a spider, punching stuff head-on has never been his speciality. Rather, his real strength lies in his maneuverability. A good Spider-Man kit is based around maneuverability and disorientation. You want to keep on moving, keep enemies guessing, then knock them onto their backstep when they least suspect it, taking the opportunity to really let ‘em have it.

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Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man Build

Best Spider-Man Build Skills:

Spider Swing: Swing ShotShoot a web up and swing into foes, followed by a powerful direct web shot. 
Web Shooter: Focused Web WrapFocus-fire webs on a single foe to deal concentrated damage.
Web Craft: Stadium SlamCreate a baseball bat from webbing to damage foes and knock them back.
Spider-Grenade: Super Glue GrenadeThrow out a webbing grenade to deal AoE damage and slow enemies’ movement.
Spider-Sense Combat: Tumble Web ShotTumble forward into a kick and web shot combo that knocks back foes.

Best Spider-Man Build Specializations:

Great ResponsibilityWhen health is critical, receive a boost to HP recovery and Dodge.
Jumping SpiderTemporarily buffs Dodge rate when your guard is broken.
Transcended SenseIncreases max Dodge rate by 1.5%.
Electro’s AgilityConverts 4% of max Dodge rate into bonus damage.

All of Spider-Man’s skills activate his special Web ability. Every stack of Web you place on an enemy reduces their Movement Speed by 30% and their Accuracy by 15%. If you max out the Web stack on one enemy, they’ll be completely cocooned for a few seconds.

Your linchpin moves will be Stadium Slam and Focused Web Wrap, which have the highest Guard Break and highest flat damage, respectively. Break a foe’s guard with Stadium Slam, peg them with Focused Web Wrap, then use your other, higher-mobility skills to pepper them with damage and play keep away while they cool down.

Jumping Spider and Transcended Sense will buff your Dodge rate, making it easier to stay safe, moreso if Great Responsibility activates. Spider-Man already has a fairly high Dodge rate, so all that bonus percentage will make for a greater damage buff from Electro’s Agility.

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