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Making Money in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds has its own currency called bits that is used for various things like buying gear and upgrading your current gear. Bits are an important thing to have in this game so we decided to give you some tips on how to make some for yourself.

Making Money in The Outer Worlds

Money, or Bits, can be obtained from selling your extra items at a vendor, rather than breaking them down into resources. Most things can be sold, but obviously you don’t want to sell things you might need later in the game. There are perks in the game such as Pack Mule that will allow you to carry more things.

When you walk up to a vendor, you can find a sell option where you can exchange anything you don’t need for some Bits. Snake Oil Salesman is a perk (tier 2) that will boost the amount of money you get from selling things by a whopping 20%. This definitely adds up over time so try and get it as early as you can.

Missions also grant a lot of Bits, some more than others. Completing all the missions you find is a great way to add some extra Bits to your bank. We don’t have specific methods to efficiently farm Bits, but we will keep this post updated when we come across them.

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