The Outer Worlds is a brand new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. The world may look beautiful, but there are endless threats lurking on this planet. Saving your game will be of utmost importance to avoid losing your progress.

How to Save Your Game in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds does have an auto save feature that runs pretty regularly. After completing a mission or a quest step, the game will usually auto save. When the game auto saves you’ll notice an icon on the bottom right hand of your screen as an indicator.

If you’re in the middle of a challenging mission, you might want to manually save anyway. To manually save on PC you can hit the escape button and choose the Save Game option. Like most games, pick the save slot and hit save.

On Xbox One you can go into the Menu > Save Game. On PlayStation 4 you can hit the Options button > Save Game. Playing on Supernova difficulty will alter the rules a little bit. Auto saves don’t happen as frequently on this difficulty and you are only able to save at your ship, so it makes the game all that more challenging.