How to Get Vicar Max As Your Companion In The Outer Worlds

How to Get Vicar Max As Your Companion In The Outer Worlds

NPC companions can accompany you on your journey throughout The Outer Worlds. These NPCs can fight along your side and also aid you with different skill sets. Once of these companions is named Vicar Max, and this is how you can get him.

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How to Get Vicar Max As Your Companion In The Outer Worlds

Vicar Max can be found early in the game after arriving in Edgewater. On Terra 2 you come across the leader of a settlement and sent on a mission, and this is where Pavrati joins you if you accept. She asks you to go talk to Vicar Max prior to venturing out into the world to complete the mission.

Talk to Vicar Max and go through all his dialog, and he will eventually tell you about a book he is trying to find. You can then offer to help him find the book through a quest named The Illustrated Manuscript.

Go to the Collector’s House and kill the marauders. Inside the house you can see a terminal that needs to be investigated, which will provide some information about the book Vicar is trying to find. You’ll learn the book was moved to a cave filled with traps, so be careful.

Retrieve the book and take it back to Vicar Max to finish the quest where he will offer to join you on your journey. When you make your way off the planet, Vicar Max will be at your ship and accompany you. Vicar is a hacker, so having him around you will provide a benefit to your hacking skills.

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