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How to Unlock the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark

Here's how to get the Azure or Dark Soul Vanguard Mounts in Lost Ark.
How to Unlock the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark

A real life tiger is one of those animals that very few people get the chance to interact with up close, and one that people probably shouldn’t be interacting with, frankly. Of course, that’s in real life. In a fantasy realm like Lost Ark, you can go right up to a tiger if you want, and even ride it if you like. Few things are as classically awesome as galavanting about on a giant tiger. Here’s how to unlock the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock the Tiger Mount in Lost Ark

The Soul Vanguard Mount, or simply the Tiger Mount if you don’t feel like remembering that, is a new player mount that was recently added to Lost Ark. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: a large, adult tiger you can ride around on, with two graceful, ephemeral ribbons flowing behind it. The Soul Vanguard Mount comes in two varieties: the Azure Soul Vanguard, which is a classic white-and-black striped tiger, and the Dark Soul Vanguard, which is a shadowy black tiger.

Unlocking one of the Tiger Mounts is actually fairly straightforward: it’s a reward given to players who reach level 10 on the Ark Pass, a Battle Pass system that was recently implemented into Lost Ark. 

To gain XP for your Ark Pass, you just have to complete missions. These missions usually include things like completing quests, defeating monsters, traveling long distances, and so forth. When you get your pass up to level 10, you’ll earn the Soul Vanguard Selection Chest, containing one of the two Tiger Mounts. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Premium Ark Pass, as this reward is available for players on the free basic tier of the Ark Pass.

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