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What is the Ark Pass in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark introduces its own Battle Pass.
What is the Ark Pass in Lost Ark?

I wonder if the folks who first came up with the idea of Battle Passes in online games knew they’d blow up as much as they would. They should’ve copyrighted the idea, they’d be rolling in royalties now. More and more games are adopting the Battle Pass framework, albeit with different names and a few subtle tweaks, and the latest is Lost Ark. So, what is the Ark Pass in Lost Ark?

As the preceding paragraph probably tipped you off, Lost Ark’s Ark Pass is, effectively, the game’s own Battle Pass. You pick it up from the in-game store, then level it up independently of your character progress by simply playing the game, gaining experience from things like finishing quests, defeating enemies, and so forth. Like most Battle Passes, the Ark Pass features multiple tracks, both free and paid, with different rewards to earn.

What is the Ark Pass in Lost Ark?

The Ark Pass features three tracks: the baseline Ark Pass, the Premium Ark Pass, and the Super Premium Ark Pass. Progress is shared between all of the Ark Pass tiers, so if you level one a little bit and then buy a higher pass track, you’ll retroactively earn all of the stuff you passed.

Lost Ark Ark Pass

The basic pass is free for all players to pick up and features some handy assorted rewards, including materials, Pirate Coins, and a free mount. The Premium Ark Pass, which costs 1,500 Royal Crystals (approx. $15.00 USD), features higher-tier items like better materials, gems, rapport chests, and a Versus Pet. At the tip-top of the tiers is the Super Premium Ark Pass, which costs 3,000 Royal Crystals (approx. $30.00 USD). This tier offers selection chests for the limited-edition Noble Banquet skin collection, plus a matching wallpaper, and some legendary chests for free.

As a reminder, Royal Crystals are available in bundles of 1,000 for $9.99, 2,200 for $19.99, and 5,750 for $49.99.

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