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Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest Guide

This quest is easier than you think!
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Lost Ark is a massively popular game filled with epic lore, breathtaking landscapes, and dangerous quests! This game only came out a couple of years ago, but it’s already at the top of everyone’s lists of games to play. If you love adventurous RPGs, you’ll definitely want to check out Lost Ark.

If you’ve played even a little of Lost Ark, you’ll know this game has a crazy amount of quests. One underrated quest featured in Lost Ark is the Carrot and Stick quest. The Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark is much less demanding than other quests, and takes very little time to complete! This quest can be a little confusing to players, however, especially if you’re new to the game or aren’t familiar with the mechanics. This is a comprehensive guide on how to complete the Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest Guide

Although this quest can be confusing at times, it’s not as difficult as you’d think. Once you figure out how to complete it, this quest takes no time at all! You can begin the Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark after you complete the Fearsome Man-Eating Monster quest. To complete this quest in Lost Ark, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Lost Ark on your computer.
  • Locate Kir in the Lost City Zone.
  • Speak with Kir and ask him if he knows of a secret fishing spot. Kir should then reveal the location of a secret fishing spot to you.
  • Travel to the location of the secret fishing spot that Kir revealed to you. After you travel to the location, the fishing spot should be hidden behind a breakable wall.
    • This breakable wall should be between two dead ends on the left-hand side of map of the Lost City.
    • This breakable wall is further defined by a set of two two treasure chests sitting directly in front of it.
  • Break the wall leading to the secret fishing spot and enter.
  • Once you’ve entered the secret fishing spot, begin fishing for White Belly fish.
    • You’ll need to catch three White Belly fish to complete the quest.
  • After you’ve caught three White Belly fish, leave the fishing spot and travel back to Kir.
  • Speak to Kir again and give him the three fish.
  • After you give Kir the three fish, use the “Cheer” emote to cheer for Kir.
    • Use /Cheer to use the “Cheer” emote.
  • The Carrot and Stick quest should now be completed.

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The Carrot and Stick quest in Lost Ark is easy and rewarding to complete, though often overlooked due to its simplicity. If you like playing Lost Ark and you’d like to play more games like it, check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for League of Legends and Diablo Immortal!

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