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How to get Wings in Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal is constantly dropping new items for players to enjoy. Most recently a popular cosmetic item is now available for grabs. Wings are cosmetic only but plenty of players are already wearing them during their time in Sanctuary. However, like some new items, it’s not always clear how to get them. For Diablo Immortal the process is actually quite specific. Here in this guide, we will help show you the process and how to achieve this fun flashy item. Be warned, you’re going to need to spend quite a lot to reach the amount of Resonance.

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How to Get Wings in Diablo immortal

Resonance is the golden orbs used like a currency in the game. You can boost the amount in order to gain more bonuses in gear and stats. You can upgrade the amount by collecting, upgrading, or equipping Legendary Gems. Once you are at 1,000 Resonance, you can automatically obtain level 1 Tier Wings. The wings will appear in the cosmetics menu once you reach your Resonance amount required.

There are three Tier levels for wings. Tier 1 again is at 1,000 Resonance, Tier 2 Wings require 3,000 Resonance and Tier 3 needs a massive 5,000 level of Resonance.

Sadly, this is all easier said than done. Diablo Immortal is free-to-play, however, it takes a lot of work to raise your Resonance to even 1,000, let alone 5,000. There is an item you can buy, called Eternal Orbs, spending real money in order to raise your Legendary Gems, which the Gems themselves are quite rare throughout the game.

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Some people have already done the math, and using Eternal Orbs to boost your Gems could take anywhere between $300-$500 dollars in order to get your Resonance to just 1,000 to unlock Tier 1 Wings. So to get to 5,000 simply multiply by 5 and some players may just be crazy enough to try and spend nearly $25,000 dollars for 5,000 Resonance.

One can only hope there will soon be easier ways to get these new items without burning a hole through the wallet.

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