Lost Ark Anguished Isle Daily Quest for Crimson Skeins

Lost Ark Anguished Isle Daily Quest for Crimson Skeins

Everything you need to know about Anguished Isle, Crimson Skeins, and the Garden of Despair

After reaching level 50 in Lost Ark, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available endgame activities. Now, this is by no means a bad thing—nobody should be complaining about having too many things to do in an MMORPG. However, figuring out what’s worth doing every day can be a lot to wrap your head around. One activity you’ll want to do daily in Lost Ark is the Anguished Isle quest from Danyu to get Crimson Skeins and Garden of Despair keys.

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Lost Ark Anguished Isle Daily

Anguished Isle is a tier 3 island located southeast of Punika. It’s a zone you will be able to access at item level 1100, and there are a few quests in the area, but we’ll be focusing primarily on the repeatable daily quest to acquire Crimson Skeins. You’ll want to collect Crimson Skeins and Garden of Despair keys to access the island-exclusive dungeon.

How to get Crimson Skeins

There are two ways to get Crimson Skeins in Lost Ark:

  • Completing the daily quest on Anguished Isle
  • Running the Garden of Despair dungeon on Anguished Isle
Lost Ark - Garden of Despair
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Completing the daily quest gives you Crimson Skein, as well as Garden of Despair keys. You will need Garden of Despair keys to enter the dungeon on the island. If you are not yet tier 3, you can actually start collecting these keys as early as tier 3. That way, you can stack them up while you work your way to tier 3!

Where is the Garden of Despair

The Garden of Despair is located on the east side of Anguished Isle. The recommended item level is 1100. “Can hear twisted laughter from the other side of the darkness. Defeat the Mayhem Legion and recover the lost souls.”

Lost Ark Garden of Despair Location

Crimson Skein Rewards

You can exchange these Crimson Skeins with the Exchange Crimson Skein vendor on Anguished Isle. The rewards include the following items and resources:

  • Overwhelm Legendary Rune – 3600 Skein (Roster Limit 1)
  • T2 Gem Chest (Lv 3) – 40 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 10)
  • T3 Gem Chest (Lv 3) – 200 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 5)
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest – 30 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 7)
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Chest – 80 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 5)
  • Epic Engraving Recipe Chest – 200 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 3)
  • Legendary Engraving Recipe Chest – 600 Crimson Skein (Roster Limit 2)
  • Life Leapstone Chest – 10 Crimson Skein (hold limit 50)
  • Honor Leapstone Chest – 20 Crimson Skein (hold limit 50)
  • Hollowfruit – 600 Crimson Skein
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Anguished Isle Daily Quest Location

The Anguished Isle daily quest comes from Danyu, an NPC located in the middle of the island. View the map below if you’re unsure of the location.

Lost Ark Anguished Isle - Danyu Location
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Danyu is the one with the daily quest, but you will need to complete the rest of the quests on the island before doing it. Altogether, the other quests may take you around 20 minutes to complete.

The daily quest required you to kill a bunch of mobs on the island and alternatively pick up books to increase your progress. The best place to complete this is on the southwest coast of the island. Make your way up and down the island eliminating foes and collecting books, and you can bang this out in five minutes flat. Make your Bifrost in front of the NPC so you can complete this daily without wasting time.

Add this task to your daily checklist, and your character progress and efficiency will be a bit better for it!

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