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How to get a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World

Become a true master fisher with a legendary fishing rod. Follow our fishing quest guide and learn how to get a legendary fishing pole in New World.
Legendary Fishing Pole Guide New World

No master fisherman is complete without a Legendary Fishing pole, and getting one in New World is no simple task. To get a 600 gear score legendary fishing rod in New World, you must complete the fishing questline. The quest chain will be long and will take you all the way from level one to level sixty, but by the end of it, you will have an impressive legendary pole in hand. 

How to get a Legendary Fishing Pole in New World

The Fishing quest chain is comprised of 15 quests. Your first reward will be a simple Wooden Fishing Pole, and your final reward will be a Legendary Fishing Pole. Along the way, you will collect various other fishing gear and poles.

New World Fishing Quest Guide

The fishing quest chain starts in Windsward and ends in Reekwater. You will visit all of the other territories in-between. Some quests will only become available as you reach certain levels, so keep an eye out for the quest markers on the map. 

1. Fishing With Shields – Michel Shields (Windsward)

Michael Shields at the pond outside of Windsward will start you off. Your task will be to collect Woodlouse Bait from bushes. We went into more detail on this simple quest here. Complete the quest to earn a Wooden Fishing Pole.

2. Fishing Basics – Michael Shields (Windsward)

Michael Shield will give you your next quest, where you will have to catch three fish of any type and size. You can quickly catch them on the spot and then head up to Everfall, west of the Fort to hand into Dena Ruby. For your trouble, you will get Battered Fisherman’s Boosts, which are purely cosmetic and provide no attributes.

3. Baited – Dena Ruby (Everfall)

Dena Ruby will give you a quest to catch a Clam and Snail and hand them into Dallas Clemenson, north of the First Light town. Clams can be caught in saltwater and snails in freshwater. You can head over to First Light and complete the quest there. Remember that the clam and snail will need to be salvaged. Your reward will be Battered Fisherman’s Gloves, which are purely cosmetic.

4. Hotspot Hunt – Dallas Clemenson (First Light)

Dallas Clemenson will task you with catching three fish in a fishing hotspot. You can fish any hotspot you are high enough level for, but the easiest is just outside Windsward. Hand your quest into Quinton Warwick on the islands west of Monarch’s Bluff. You will be given Battered Fisherman’s Trousers which are purely cosmetic.

5. Practice Makes Perfect – Quinton Warwick (Monarch’s Bluff)

Quinton Warwick will want you to catch 15 fish of any kind from anywhere. Once completed, hand into Edith Perchat north of the Cutless Keys for a Battered Fisherman’s Hat (purely cosmetic).

6. The Giant Ones – Edith Perchal (Cutlass Keys)

Edith’s task will be to catch eight fish that are 20lbs or more. Make sure to equip the appropriate size boosting bait, and the task should be simple.


  • Oyster Bait – Large Size Boost
  • Claim Bait – Medium Size Boost
  • Meat – Small Size Boost


  • Electric Eel Bait – Large Size Boost
  • Snail Bait – Medium Size Boost
  • Fish Bait – Small Size Boost

After catching your fish, run over to Park Jennet east of Brightwood and hand your quest in for a Battered Fisherman’s Smock (purely cosmetic).

7. Fish Reagents – Park Jennet (Brightwood)

Park Jennet will want to you catch and salvage a Squid and a Catfish. You can catch both at the lake where Jennet is located. Equip you’re the best rarity boosting bait and cast some lines. 


  • Firefly Bait – Large Rarity Boost
  • Woodlouse Bait – Medium Rarity Boost
  • Bread – Small Rarity Boost


  • Glowworm Bait – Large Rarity Boost
  • Nightcrawler Bait – Medium Rarity Boost
  • Cheese Bait – Small Rarity Boost

After making your catches salvage them and head to Sheetal Agarwal east of Weaver’s Fen, completing this quest will provide you with a Fishing Reward chest. You can roll either Hardy Fisherman’s Gloves or Hardy Fisherman’s Boots. Both of these tier 3 gear will boost your chance to catch bigger fish and cast distance.

8. Reel Life – Sheetal Agarwal (Weaver’s Fen)

Sheetal’s quest is simple, you will need to catch three Boots and salvage them. Cast your line right next to him, and you should be able to catch the boots quickly. He will send you to Finola O’Connor east of the Restless Shore town to hand your quest in. Your reward is another Fishing Reward chest. This time you can roll either Hardy Fisherman’s Trousers or a Hardy Fisherman’s Hat. They will both provide medium boosts to catching rarer and bigger fish. 

9. Weapons of the Sea – Finola O’Conner (Restless Shore)

Finola gives you another simple junk-catching quest. You will need to catch a Fish Headed Hammer and a Fish Sword. Fish for them right next to Finola, and you should have them after a few casts. You will head up just northeast of Mourningdale to hand your quest into Tariku Abebe. Your reward will be a Hardy Fisherman’s Smock, giving you +2% cast distance and a medium boost to catching better fish.

10. Treasure of the Deep – Tariku Abebe (Mourningdale)

Tariku needs you to catch a treasure chest. You can catch one right in front of him with rarity bait, but it might be faster to find a hotspot as well. Remember to equip the gear you have collected up to this point to help you. With the treasure chest in hand, Tariku sends you to Eberhart Klaus in southwest Great Cleave to hand in. Your reward is a nice Ironwood Fishing Pole

11. Soulwarden Rations – Eberhart Klaus (Greate Cleave)

Eberhart will task you with catching five fish 30lbs or more. This one might take a while. Remember to equip the best bait and gear. Once you have caught your fish, head to Rory Davies in Edengrove to collect a Sleek Fisherman’s Hat. This hat gives you a medium boost to catching better fish and a large boost to catching bigger fish. 

12. Azoth-Tinged Fish – Rory Davies (Edengrove)

Rory wants you to catch an Azoth-Tinged fish. You can catch your fish after a few casts right next to Rory and then head to Konrad Bernard in Shattered Mountains to hand in. Your reward will be another Fishing Reward Box. This chest is filled with either Sleek Fisherman boots, gloves, pants, or chest

13. Corruption-Tinged Fish – Konrad Bernard (Shattered Mountain)

Konrad will have you catch a Corruption-Tinged fish. This is a simple catch you can get right next to Konrad. Make your catch and head to Laquan Chang in Ebonscale Reach to receive a Fishing Reward chest. This chest is filled with either Fierce Fisherman’s Boosts or Gloves. They provide large boosts to catch size and rarity. 

14. Ecological Report – Laquan Chang (Ebonscale Reach)

Laquan will make you collect a variety of fish filets.

  • Fish Filet (Tier 1 Fish)
  • Firm Fish Filet (Tier 2 Fish)
  • Tender Fish Filet (Tier 3 Fish)
  • Delicate Fish Filet (Tier 4 Fish)

You can go around and catch the various fish you need to accomplish this task, but you can also just purchase the filets at the auction house. Depending on your auction house prices, that may be the better option. When you get your filets, head to Gaspar Machera southeast of Reekwater to receive a Fishing Reward chest. Inside will be a Friece Fisherman’s hat, pants, and chest piece giving you various boosts. 

15. To Be a Grand Master – Gaspar Machera (Reekwater)

Last but not least, Grand Master Gaspar Machera wants you to reach fishing level 100. Luckily we have put together a thorough guide on how to level up your fishing quickly. The grind is going to be slow regardless, but the reward at the end is worth it. Note you may need to actually hit fishing level 101 to complete the quest. After hitting fishing level 100 (actually 101), Gaspar will give you a Legendary Pole Reward box, with one of the following poles inside.

Legendary Fishing Poles

  • Ancient Fishing Pole
  • Angry Earth Fishing Pole
  • Corrupted Fishing Pole
  • Lost Fishing Pole

It wasn’t easy, but you now have a legendary fishing pole in New World. At the moment, it is not confirmed if you can get a legendary fishing pole from any drops, so the questline is the only source. We hope you found this guide helpful. Happy fishing!

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