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Last Oasis Servers Down

Last Oasis is a new survival massively multiplayer online game from Donkey Crew. It’s currently in early access but has gained a bit of popularity due to a few large Twitch streamers giving it a go. Due to the unexpected influx of new players, there are some server issues preventing people from playing.

Last Oasis Servers Down

The servers are down for a lot of people, but not everyone. Reportedly, if you are logged out on the edge of a tile or traveling between tiles you cannot currently play. New players who have not started a character yet may also not be able to join the servers.

If you are in the queue and logged out in a tile, you should be able to reconnect with no problem. If you are traveling or at the edge of the tile, your queue will reportedly never end. This can be quite disappointing when you reach position 1 and find you waited for nothing.

Last Oasis Service Unavailable

This is another way of saying the servers are down. Apparently, the master backend server is having some intermittent downtime. If the server does not respond in around 20 seconds you’ll see a Last Oasis Service Unavailable message.

Deleting your character will likely not resolve this issue according to a few people who have tried it already.

Last Oasis Grey Screen After Logging in

If you see a grey screen, your character didn’t fully load before you went to click login. Check the Connection Timeout section here and you can likely find the log entry.

Last Oasis Signing in Failed

The game servers failed if you are seeing this message. Again, this is due to the large influx of people attempting to connect to the servers that were not designed for this many players.

Here’s an update from one of the Last Oasis producers on connectivity issues:

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