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Last Oasis Patch 1.1.29308 Notes

A new update is available for the nomadic survival game Last Oasis. Many completely new features have been added and a large list of tweaks and issues have been fixed. In the Last Oasis Patch 1.1.29308 notes, one of the more exciting changes was the introduction of a new walker called the Mollusc.

The servers for Last Oasis have been having some hiccups recently, as they have been since launch. Donkey Crew has been hard at work on addressing the issues, though. They do have an official Twitter account you can follow to stay in the loop on any technical issues.

Last Oasis is a nomadic MMO survival mode that takes place in the future. In this world, the Earth no longer rotates and the last humans must outrun the scorching sun and fight for survival. The nomads traverse the massive open worlds on their huge wind-powered walking machines.

Player created bases are the cornerstone of this game, allowing players to survive the extreme conditions in the Last Oasis. Here are some of the major changes with the latest patch.

Last Oasis Patch 1.1.29308 Notes


  • Added the Mollusk Walker.
  • Added new walker wing type available for Mollusk. Coming soon for other walkers!
  • Made Tusker better at climbing hills and general movement.
  • Allowed building on walkers inside trading station protection.
  • Tuned positions and behaviors of walker cameras.
  • Improved collisions of various Walkers.
  • Added visual walker leg attachments for all walkers.
  • Prevented building under Schmetterling stairs to avoid exploits.
  • Made walkers automatically logout if inactive for 6 hours.
  • Increased Buffalo Walker weight limit to the same value as Stiletto.


  • Added timed packing based on the size of a base.
  • Added activation delay for Rupu Slings.
  • Improved target and shooting logic of Rupu Slings.
  • Adjusted cameras when manning weapons.
  • Added new animations for Walker Climber.
  • Moved Stairs from Heavy Wood Base to Light Wood Base.
  • Made building non-base structures close the building menu automatically.
  • Increased water container size of the Bed.
  • Added physical walker barrier gates.
  • Added continuous damage to structures and walkers inside objects like rocks.

Oases & Exploration

  • Added large cactus trees too hard difficulty oases.
  • Improved collisions and visuals of rupu camps.
  • Improved spawning positions on medium difficulty oases.
  • Increased the size of apple trees to improve usability.
  • Improved placement of driftwood in Nomad’s Cradle.
  • Adjusted placements of urns and rupu vines in camps.
  • Slightly lowered cattail density in swamp areas.
  • Increased respawn time of loot in some ruins.


  • Added new Nurr behaviors – new attacks, jumps, ambushing etc.
  • Improved or replaced some of the existing Nurr behaviors.
  • Added new Okkam behaviors – taunts, new attacks, etc.
  • Improved logic for selecting attack targets for Okkam.
  • Improved rupu behavior when taunting a player.
  • Made Nurrs appear in groups instead of solo.

For a full list of changes in the most recent patch, check out the full Last Oasis patch notes here.

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