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Last Oasis Resource Harvesting Guide

Last Oasis is a new open-world survival MMO in early access on Steam. There’s a lot to do in this game, and a good place to start is by learning about the basic resources and where to get them. Our Last Oasis resource guide will help you get started.

Last Oasis Resource Guide

Harvesting Fiber

The two most important basic resources are Fiber and Wood. To harvest fiber, you will want to look for these bushes and walk up to them and hit your harvest key. Each bush grants 1 fiber, but if you use a sickle or a scythe you will get more.

Harvesting Wood

To harvest wood, you can find branches and pieces of wood on the ground as seen in the image below. You can also use a hatchet to chop down trees like palm trees. When you chop down palm trees you’ll also receive Palm Leaves in addition to Wood.

Harvesting Stones

At the beginning of Last Oasis, you’ll be running around gathering stones from the ground with your hands. Later in the game, you can learn how to get a pickaxe which will allow you to break down larger rocks.

After getting a pickaxe, you’ll be able to get up to 50 stone at a time from larger rocks, depending on the size of the rock.

Harvesting Rupu Pelts

Early in the game, you will encounter basic Rupu, which are very easy to kill. You can harvest things like fiber, fiber weave, and fragments from them as well as Rupu Pelts.

Harvesting Rupu Vines

Rupu Vines can be found inside the Rupu villages. They hang down from their houses and are a green color. You’ll want to harvest these by jumping up to them and using your hands or a sickle.

Harvesting Rupu Gel

To get Rupu Gel, you’ll have to investigate the Rupu Effigy. This will take a bit to investigate so make sure you are not about to be attacked while doing it. You can also get fragments from the Effigies.

Harvesting Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are one of the only sources of water in Last Oasis. You’ll see them scattered around the lands. You can eat aloe vera to replenish your thirst.

Harvesting Cactus Fruit

One of the Cacti you’ll encounter in this game is very tall and allows you to harvest Cactus Fruit. You’ll want to grapple up to the top of it and harvest the fruit from there. You can also harvest the cactus itself for a bunch of cactus flesh.

Harvesting Mushrooms and Sulfur

You will come across large mushrooms that you can harvest during your journey. Attack them and you will get mushroom flesh and sulfur, as long as your hatchet is good enough. After destroying the mushroom, a cloud of gas will be emitted from it and you can collect sulfur from this.

Harvesting Cattails

Cattails grow inside contaminated water. Use your sickle to harvest the Cattails and you should get around 4 per swing. Harvesting by hand will get you one.

Harvesting Earth Wax

Earth Wax is harvested the same way you collect stones, but it’s a very rare resource. The better your pickaxe is, the higher chance you have to find some Earth Wax. It is possible with the basic pickaxe but you won’t see one very often.

Harvesting Bone Fragments

Bone Fragments are found from items that look like mammoth tusks that stick out of the ground. You’ll find them scattered all around the world, sticking out of the ground, out of the sides of mountains, etc…

If you hit them with an Axe you will get some bone fragments or bone splinters. The higher quality axe you have, the more you of these you will harvest at a time.

Harvesting Wooden Shafts

Wooden Shafts can be found from Rupu, but this is not a reliable way to get them. You will need to build a Woodworking Station, and you’ll be able to make Wood Shafts for 5 Wood and 2 Fiber. You will need a lot of these so be sure to get your woodworking station up as soon as you can.

Harvesting BeeswaxWhere To Find Beeswax

You’ll come across beehive looking things attached to trees, and hear a buzzing as you get close. The Conifer trees in the hard biome generally have these around. You will need to grapple up the tree to get close to it and harvest it that way.

If you’re having trouble finding Beeswax, some players are reporting it only spawns in certain maps. Try looking for the map below and you should have no issues finding it.

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