Last Oasis Weapons Guide

Last Oasis Weapons Guide
Last Oasis Weapons Guide

There are a wide variety of weapons in Last Oasis. You will be able to craft better tools, better armor, and most important better weapons as you progress through the game. You’ll quickly learn that melee combat is one of the cornerstones in Last Oasis, and mastering it will determine life or death when it comes to fighting AI and other players.

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This guide takes a look at each weapon you can currently equip in Last Oasis and lists the weapon type, damage, penetration, and speed of each. There are a variety of ranged and siege weapons that can be mounted on your Walker as well like Ballistas and Trebuchets, but this guide will focus on only personal weapons.

Last Oasis Weapons Guide

WeaponWeapon TypeDamagePenetrationSpeed
Advanced HatchetOne-Handed5312100
Beat StickOne-Handed3510110
Bonespike SwordOne-Handed4521110
Bouldercut Hand AxeOne-Handed571295
Heavy Rawbone Hand AxeOne-Handed501280
Jaggertooth ClubOne-Handed431588
Nibiran Curved DaggerOne-Handed5840135
Nibiran HammerOne-Handed651590
Nibiran Hand AxeOne-Handed8010100
Rawbone ClubOne-Handed4915110
Rawbone Hand AxeOne-Handed4612120
Short Ceramic HoofmaceOne-Handed5415110
Short MalletbladeOne-Handed5127105
Spikebone ClubOne-Handed4922100
Woodcutter’s HatchetOne-Handed3911115
Wyndan HammerOne-Handed611590
Wyndan SabreOne-Handed5535110
Blunt QuarterstaffTwo-Handed4110100
Bouldercut Battle AxeTwo-Handed611590
Ironblade QuarterstaffTwo-Handed5512120
Jaggertooth MaulTwo-Handed5210110
Long Bonespike SwordstaffTwo-Handed5820135
Long Ceramic HoofmaceTwo-Handed621095
Nibiran Battle AxeTwo-Handed5616110
Nibiran DecapitatorTwo-Handed4610100
Nibiran QuarterstaffTwo-Handed561580
Paddleblade QuarterstaffTwo-Handed3040100
Rawbone Battle AxeTwo-Handed621095
Rawbone MaulTwo-Handed561580
Rawbone QuarterstaffTwo-Handed5210100
Sawtooth SwordTwo-Handed5616110
Spikebone MaulTwo-Handed5512120
Traveller’s StaffTwo-Handed4610100
Wyndan Flame SwordTwo-Handed4110100
Wyndan HammerTwo-Handed611590
Wyndanblade QuarterstaffTwo-Handed5210110

Using Melee and Combat Weapons

The Last Oasis weapons guide has dozens of different weapons to choose from, but they won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to fight. First, you may want to turn “Enable Fluid Blocking” off from the Input settings menu. This is a personal preference but it seems to make it easier to block.

Next, you’ll want to practice blocking because it’s a key skill for staying alive on Last Oasis. After mastering basic blocking, you can throw some feints and holds into the mix to trick your enemies and make them vulnerable to attacks. Practicing combat in duels is a great way to learn, especially if you can participate in group fights so you have to worry about many angles at once.

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