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Is there Wordle in Spanish?

Is Wordle available in other languages, such as Spanish?
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It’s quite impressive how quickly Wordle has laid claim to the word game world. In less than a year, it’s gone from less than 100 players well into the millions. Wordle tasks players with deciphering a daily mystery word using context clues, but they only have six attempts. It can be incredibly challenging, but it’s become a part of so many morning routines.

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But, some players may be curious if Wordle exists in other languages, such as Spanish? If there were, those who speak a language other than English could join in on the daily fun. Bilingual people could participate more than once!

Is there Wordle in Spanish?

There is! Though, it’s not associated with the official version by Josh Wardle or the New York Times. In fact, not only is there a version of the hit game in Spanish, but also French, Italian and Portuguese, among others. It can be presumed that each of these versions can be played just the same as the English version, aside from slight deviations depending on each language’s quirks. For example — in the Spanish version, you can choose an Ñ.

Wordle is updated daily with a new word at around midnight depending on your time zone. It has received multiple spinoffs and variants since its creation last November. For more on Wordle and its spinoffs, including Heardle, Dordle, and many, many more, stick with Gamer Journalist.

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