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Weaver Answer Today (March 24, 2023)

Find the right combination to weave your way to the final word.
Weaver wordle featured February 20, 2023
Image via Gamer Journalist/Weaver

The Weaver is among the more unique and creative wordle games out there. The game requires a more careful and knowledgeable approach than some other wordle-like games.

The game will give you a starting and ending word, and you will have to weave your way from the first word to the last, connecting them. In each stage of the game (there will be 6 in total), you can change only one character on your way to connecting the two words. This game isn’t so much about getting one special word right but instead finding an array of words that are going to complete the puzzle.

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See the example below for a clearer picture of what you can expect:

Image by Gamer Journalist/Weaver

Weaver Answer for March 23, 2023

The Weaver can have multiple right solutions, so it’s possible that it will take you and someone else down on different paths. We will show you one of the possible solutions for today’s Weaver so if you don’t want to spoil the game for yourself and would like to give it a couple of more tries, don’t scroll down.

For March 24, 2023, Weaver wordle puzzle, the starting word is BEAT, and the final word is CORN. Here’s how to connect them by changing one character at a time:

  • BEAT
  • BOAT
  • BORN
  • CORN

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