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Are Wordles the Same for Everyone?

Is everyone getting the same word? Or, is it randomized?
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Wordle is a massively popular word game where players are tasked with figuring out a daily word. It can be incredibly challenging, especially since the word can be any five letter word, and you only have six attempts before you fail. But, you might be curious if the word is the same for every single player throughout the globe, or if it’s randomized.

It may not seem like it, but Wordle is still a very new game. It was launched by Josh Wardle — the game’s name is a play on their last name — in October, 2021. Starting with only 90 players in November, and skyrocketing to millions just a few months later, the New York Times announced their acquisition of the game at the end of January.

But, the question stands: is every player getting the same word?

Are Wordles the Same for Everyone?

Yes. Each person who plays Wordle receives the same word when it updates each day. If there is ever a discrepancy, all you’d need to do is refresh the page and you should receive the “correct” puzzle. While there is only one word each day, the word is updated at varying times depending on time zones.

Because of this, readers in the United States may notice they are among the last to receive new words. In fact, you may notice the subsequent day’s word can be found online hours before it updates for you. This is because another zone has received the word and posted it online. If you play Wordle on the regular, be careful for spoilers!

What Time does Wordle Update?

In any given time zone, Wordle will update at around midnight. If in doubt, once you’ve completed any given puzzle, you can find a countdown timer for the next one.

What Wordle App is Everyone Using?

If you look on the App Store or Google Play, you’ll likely find a slew of apps claiming to be the Wordle. Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. But, there is no app that will allow you to play the legitimate Wordle. In fact, the only way to play the actual game is via the New York Times website.

If you’re having trouble with any given puzzle in Wordle, head on over to the Wordle section on Gamer Journalist! We have countless daily suggestions to help decipher those tough words, in addition to our Wordle Helper tool!

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