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Is NecroBouncer Multiplayer? Answered

Necromancy is a group activity

Kicking monsters out of nightclubs is always better with friends! Keep reading to find out if NecroBouncer is a multiplayer game.

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Is NecroBouncer Multiplayer? Answered

Although it would be incredibly fun to be able to clear out these dungeons with friends, NecroBouncer doesn’t allow multiplayer. It would be unbelievably amazing to be able to go up against this game’s wicked bosses with a team, but currently, the developer has not announced any plans to add a multiplayer feature to the game.

Although many people will definitely be disappointed to learn that this game is strictly single-player, it shouldn’t deter you from getting the game. NecroBouncer is one of the only dungeon crawlers that allows you to be a necromancer and a nightclub bouncer, what more could you ever want in a game?? NecroBouncer is the only game where you can raise the dead and toss out the living!

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NecroBouncer is an epic, bullet-hell nightmare that will have you entertained for hours! You may not be able to play it with your friends (yet), but you can still have fun kicking out unruly monsters by yourself.

What is NecroBouncer About?

NecroBouncer is a rogue-like dungeon-crawler that allows you to play the part of a bouncer at a nightclub. The only catch is that you’re a necromancer, and you work at a nightclub full of monsters! Kicking out unruly guests comes with the territory when you’re a bouncer, but when all the guests are demonic creatures of the night, doing your job can get a bit complicated. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

Being a necromancer has its perks; you can raise your fallen foes to help you take down even bigger, badder bosses. Being able to take on bosses with your friends via multiplayer would still be fun, but it’s honestly not even necessary when you can just turn all of your defeated foes into your own personal army!

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