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Immortals Fenyx Rising Codes (September 2022)

Don't Take Zeus Down Without Some Help!
Immortals Fenyx Rising
Image via Ubisoft Québec

Immortals Fenyx Rising — originally known by the arguably better title Gods & Monsters — is not the kind of game you’d expect to support codes. It’s an action-adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft, it’s predominantly single-player, and it’s not free-to-play. Yet, it still (curiously) supports codes.

For those unfamiliar — Immortals Fenyx Rising is a story rooted in Greek mythology. It follows Fenyx, a shield-bearer who is tasked with putting an end to Typhon’s destructive machinations. In order to take them down, you’ll face various creatures, from minotaurs to cyclopes. But, there’s something going on behind the scenes that makes Fenyx’s journey … not so black and white.

All Immortals Fenyx Rising Codes

If you’re in the market for some bonus, in-game content for Immortals Fenyx Rising, give these codes a try! It can be rough navigating the world of the gods without a helping hand, and we’ve compiled a full list of active and expired codes to fulfill just such a purpose! That said, codes can come and go incredibly quickly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out!

Active Codes

  • Oh No! As of September 14, 2022, there are no active codes for Immortals Fenyx Rising!

Expired Codes

  • As of September 14, 2022, there are no expired codes for Immortals Fenyx Rising!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Redeem Codes in Immortals Fenyx Rising

    Let’s say you’ve managed to nab some active codes; how would you redeem them? In order to redeem codes for Immortals Fenyx Rising, you don’t even need to have the game open! In a web browser, open the redeem codes page for the game, enter the code, and click SUBMIT MY CODE. You’ll then be prompted to log-in to your Ubisoft account, where you can claim any and all rewards!

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