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Hyper Scape Week 1 Challenges Guide

Hyper Scape Week 1 Challenges Guide

Hyper Scape is the new three-player first-person battle royale game from Ubisoft. Every squad must have three players, which gives it an Apex Legends sort of feel to it. There are a lot of exciting new elements in this title, such as the interactive Twitch integration. Similar to other battle royale games, there is a Battle Pass and weekly challenges to complete. Here’s a look at the Hyper Scape week 1 challenges.

Hyper Scape Week 1 Challenges Guide

Here’s a list of all the week one challenges:

  • Break barricades (75)
  • Deal damage with the Ripper (500)
  • Break supply crates (8)
  • Fuse items from Restore Points (35)
  • Outlive enemies in any game mode (300)
  • Reach the Showdown (5)
  • Deal damage with hacks (750)
  • Eliminate other enemies (50)

Accessing the challenges and battle pass information is different in this game than other battle royales. When you launch the game and complete the tutorial, you will find yourself in a starting area to access different parts of the game. If you go to the right side of the room, you can find a portal and hit the F key to access the challenges.

Doing this brings you into the battle pass screen where you can switch between the battle pass and challenges. Inside the challenges screen, you can switch between daily and weekly challenges. 

The daily challenges reset every day at 8:00 pm EST, whereas the weekly challenges reset every Thursday at the same time. Hyper Scape is still in technical testing, or early access, phase. Like every early access game, things change as time goes on, so some features may get revamped entirely.

Players can still get Hyper Scape Twitch Drops by linking up their Ubisoft and Twitch accounts.

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