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Hyper Scape Live on Twitch: Earn Drops and Access to Technical Test

Hyper Scape Live on Twitch: Earn Drops and Access to Technical Test

Hyper Scape is now live on Twitch, with many streamers playing the early access. The Twitch promotion is similar to Valorant, where you can earn drops from watching various streamers live from the Hyper Scape section. Similar to Apex Legends, this is a battle royale game where you play in squads of three. 

How to earn drops in Hyper Scape

  • Register for a Ubisoft Account
  • Link your Twitch to Ubisoft
  • Register for Drops

To enable Hyper Scape drops on your account, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you have an account over on Ubisoft. You can visit their site to register for an account. Next, head over to your Twitch account and start watching any streamer that has “drops enabled” text on their title. 

You will see an icon under the title with instructions for how to link Twitch to Ubisoft. The drops reward program on Twitch allows viewers to randomly receive drops for various games by watching their favorite streamers. After your accounts between Twitch and Ubisoft link up, you can now watch your favorite streamers who have drop-enabled streams for a chance at in-game items.

There is no list of eligible drops at this time. We do, however, know that Hyper Scape will have complex Twitch integration. Viewers can browse a streamer’s stats and other information in real-time as they are streaming. Currently, you can head over to the Twitch Hyper Scape section to get an overview of the game from various content creators. 

How to get early access to Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape early access invites should begin rolling out shortly for players to start experimenting with the game. The official Hyper Scape website is also live with more information about the game, along with some how-to guides for creating an account.

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