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How to Win Tournaments Monopoly Go?

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Monopoly Go
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Monopoly Go tournaments are events where players compete against each other in order to collect special currency and earn prizes. Tournaments are time-limited, and rules, prizes, and results vary for each event.

Every time players clear a milestone during a tournament, and when the competition is over, they get a final price based on their position in the leaderboard.

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Tips for Winning a Tournament in Monopoly Go

In order to win, you need to know a couple of things:

  • Have the rules of the game in the back of your mind.
  • Saved dice rolls.
  • Use multipliers.
  • Waiting for the very end of the tournament.
  • Focus on bank heists.

Don’t forget to check the rules

Click the blue icon on the tournament to find out what is required of you in order to get the desired currency. It often happens that players forget about certain rules, which can later lead to a worse ranking in the table.

For example, it is vital to build landmarks and buildings as they secure the increase of overall net worth, which further brings players more dice rolls and new features.

Also, one of the most common mistakes, mostly made by new players, is not understanding the importance of using Shields. They protect the property and wealth of the player in case the opponent triggers the Shutdown minigame, during which they get a chance to earn money by attacking your landmarks and buildings.

If you have Shields, they will protect you from these attacks. Reminder – you can have a maximum of 3 Shields in stock.

Be thrifty with Dice Rolls

Some players love to make stashes of Dice Rolls. If you belong to this group, be aware that it would be wise to think about how to distribute them across tournaments and use them most wisely.

As players progress in a tournament, they get Dice as a reward at a few checkpoints. To discover the next reward, click on the tournament window and then tap the Gift icon. Don’t forget that sometimes the number of Dice Rolls in stock can be decisive for winning the tournament.

Use Multipliers

Multipliers are efficient tools for getting large rewards. They require more dice rolls, so it would be wise to pile them up as much as possible before entering the tournament.

If you use the multipliers the right way and at the appropriate time, they can help you earn invaluable rewards.

An ideal and wise time to use the multiplier is when you come close to cross the GO tile, which will bring you closer to earning bigger cash rewards.

Wait for the very end of the tournament

There is a tactic that certain players claim has helped them greatly.

It boils down to waiting until the end of the tournament before jumping in, which could potentially help you surprise your opponents and gain a better overall ranking at the last minute.

But be aware that sometimes this tactic can backfire and send you straight to the bottom of the ranking table.

Bank Heists

In Monopoly Go, bank heists are one of the most valuable events for a player to land on. It is triggered by landing on the Railroad Tiles, which activates a minigame.

When this minigame is activated, the player chooses between vault doors and must open three of one type to get a jackpot. Hopefully, your memory is good because, in this case, it can bring you enormous wealth.

Bank heists are particularly useful if you are playing 2-day tournaments because you get a chance to steal millions from your opponents.

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