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How to Become a Drug Lord in The Sims 4 Basemental Mod

Gang in the Sims 4?
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Let’s face it. It’s easy to work as a Sim. They can easily get promoted at their job and they can get a job without having to go through the interview process. It’s become tedious to the point where we don’t want our Sims to have normal jobs. Modders are out there doing the Lord’s work by adding careers such as KPop Star, snack seller on the beach, or drug lord. If you want to have your Sim go on a dark path to become the leader of a gang here’s how you can do it. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to become a drug lord in The Sims 4 using the Basemental mod.

Steps to Being a Drug Dealer in The Sims 4

With every job on The Sims, you start out at the lowest level, or, you go to university and skip a few levels. If you’re using the Basemental mod we taught you already how to cure your own weed, so at least, you know the basics. The Basemental mod doesn’t just have weed as their main drug. You can find harder drugs and your Sim can learn about these drugs. If you want to deal drugs you’re going to want to purchase books from the computer that teach you about drugs.

Books such as Amphetamine Vol 1 or Cocaine Vol 1 are necessary if you want to become a drug lord. Study these books until you’ve reached level 10. Next, you’re going to want to create a gang of loyal subordinates. You’ll notice a new interaction on your phone where you can create a gang. Manage your gang and participate in missions to raise your gang level. You can even create your own HQ where your gang can hang out or discuss how they’re going to get rid of rival gangs.

How to Level Up Leader Skills in The Sims 4

Now that you have your own gang and you want to become a drug lord you need to assign members to become a drug dealer. Click on your Sim and click on the Drugs tab and settings. You’re going to want to assign NPC’s or your own gang members to drug-dealing roles. Once that is complete you can hire policemen and decide where it’s illegal to do/sell drugs. If you want to level up your leadership skills as a drug lord you’ll need to complete missions, discipline your gang when missions go south, and talk about loyalty.

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