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How to Make Turtle Shell Rain Collector in Sons of the Forest

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How long is Sons of The Forest? sea turtles
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Sons of the Forest is a very authentic survival horror game that will have you cowering from natural and unnatural causes. As you stumble through the beaches, you’ll come across turtles that you can hunt for food. A byproduct of this is grabbing their shells, which have an array of uses. Here’s every way you can use turtle shells in Sons of the Forest.

Using Turtle Shells to collect rainwater in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest have tried to ensure that the game is as realistic as possible and that realism extends to the utility of the turtle shells. Large sea turtles can be spotted roaming the beachside, minding their own business. With something like a wooden spike (or any other sharp object), you can attack the turtles to dislodge their shells.

Unfortunately, when you kill a turtle you will only have use of its meat. Sons of the Forest currently doesn’t have any particular use for the shell, but that may change with future updates.

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What Can We Expect from Turtle Shells in the Future?

It’s hard to guess what will happen with future updates, but if we had to guess what will happen with turtle shells in Sons of the Forest, we would first turn to the game’s prequel.

The previous game, the Forest, had a couple of uses for turtle shells. There they made a useful impromptu flask and you could easily pick up water with them and drink. You couldn’t however carry them with you instead of the flask, but you could also place them on the ground and let them collect rainwater.

Hilariously, turtle shells had another use besides just collecting water. With one equipped, you could sled down slopes at fast speeds and could strafe to avoid obstacles. All you had to do is jump and downwardly attack with the shell in your hands, and your character would pop it under their legs. At speed, you would travel down the slope, leaving any enemies behind.

Turtle Shell Locations in Sons of the Forest

Here are all the locations of turtles in Sons of the Forest. You can go to these beaches anytime and find yourself some nice turtle meat.

Image via Map Genie/Gamer Journalist

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