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Where to Find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Imperative to your survival.
pistol in sons of the forest
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Sons of the Forest is a challenging game that will have you constantly on your toes. From the start of the game, you’r primary focus will be survival and defense. And a good defense relies on a good offense. Getting your hands on the pistol quickly will be imperative for your survival. Many players were surprised to find that they didn’t start with the weapon. Here’s how to get the pistol in Sons of the Forest.

Where the Pistol Is Located in Sons of the Forest

When you start out in Sons of the Forest, you may be surprised to see that you don’t have a gun, not even a measly pistol. If you want to last long, then you’ll need to find it as soon as you can. The pistol might not be the best weapon, but it’ll deal with enemies better than wooden stakes.

Open up the map and have a look around. Not too far away should be a purple ‘!’, out on the sea. This exclamation mark pinpoints a raft that’s floating near the shore. Make your way to the raft, but be careful of the shark that stalks the sea!

In the raft, you should find some useful supplies, as well as a pistol ripe for the taking. Pick it up and get familiar with it, it may be the best you’ve got for a while.

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Where to Find Ammo in Sons of the Forest

Now that you’ve got your pistol, you’ll need ammo. You’ll be finding ammo as you progress the game, and it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re careful and stingy with its use. Your first injection of ammo will thankfully be very close to the pistol.

Before you leave the area, find a dead body on the same beach that the raft is on. Next to a radio setup, you’ll find it, and you’ll also find three pistol magazines. Result.

Where to find the Pistol Rail attachment in Sons of the Forest

The rail attachment will be wanted if you’re going to do combat with the pistol. It will attach to the barrel and will provide better sights to aim through. Strangely enough, the rail attachment can be located by the same dead body where you found your ammo, by the campsite with the radio.

When you have the attachment, you can go into your inventory to combine it with your pistol.

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