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What Happens When You Die in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Death happens to the best of us
sons of the forest cannibal
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Sons of the Forest is the brutal sequel to The Forest, an immensely popular survival horror game that was released way back in 2014. Sons of the Forest is just as disgustingly horrific as its predecessor; if you loved fighting for your life against twisted mutants and gore-covered cannibals in The Forest, then you’ll love everything about Sons of the Forest!

Death is somewhat inevitable in brutal survival games like Sons of the Forest. Whether it be by cannibals, starvation, dehydration, or mutants, death in Sons of the Forest is everywhere. If you’ve managed to survive longer than you thought you would and want to know what’s at stake if you die, then you’re in luck. Keep reading to find out what happens when you die in Sons of the Forest!

What Happens When You Die in Sons of the Forest?

Death is somewhat of an inevitable event in Sons of the Forest. Enemies are literally everywhere in this game, even the environment itself is constantly trying to kill you! Perhaps because of this, the developers decided to cut players a break when it came to dying, especially if you’re playing the game in multiplayer.

When you’re playing Sons of the Forest in multiplayer, death won’t be too permanent of an event. You can die dozens of times and barely suffer any consequences; it’s a much different story in single-player, however. Death in single-player is a bit less forgiving, but it’s still not nearly as punishing as it could be. Here’s what happens when you die in single-player mode vs multiplayer mode in Sons of the Forest:

What Happens When You Die in Single-Player Mode?

If you die only once while playing Sons of the Forest in single-player mode, the consequences won’t be too severe. If you die a second time, however, the game will be much less forgiving.

Here’s what happens when you die once vs when you die a second time in the single-player version of Sons of the Forest:

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When You Die the First Time:

If a mutant or cannibal happens to catch you off guard and kills you in Sons of the Forest, don’t worry, it won’t be the end of the world. If it’s your first offense, then all that will happen is you’ll respawn (“wake up”) completely restrained in one of the tribal camps. This may seem like a bad scenario, but trust me, it’s much more forgiving than you think.

Though you’ll be restrained, it will be criminally easy to break out of your bonds. Once you’ve slipped out of your restraints, you can easily sneak your way over to your backpack (which should have all of your items in it, safe and sound) and then make your sneaky exit somewhere safer. No harm done. The most you’ll have to do is knock out a cannibal or two on your way out of the camp, but even that shouldn’t be too difficult.

When You Die the Second Time:

Kill me once, shame on you, but kill me twice? Shame on me. Dying a second time in Sons of the Forest yields much harsher consequences than the first. If you manage to get caught off guard by a cannibal or a mutant a second time in Sons of the Forest, you’ll just straight up die for real (in the game, of course).

If you get killed a second time, you’ll die for good, and you’ll have to either start the game over completely or reload an earlier save. Of course, in this scenario, you won’t get to keep any items, weapons, resources, or structures you may have built. All unsaved progress will be completely wiped; you really don’t want to die a second time in Sons of the Forest.

sons of the forest mutant
Image via Endnight Games/Newnight

What Happens When You Die in Multiplayer Mode?

Death in the multiplayer version of Sons of the Forest is a minor setback at most. If you die by any means in multiplayer, you’ll simply spawn back into the game wherever your last save point was, with low health. For example, if you’re unexpectedly killed in a cave or in a cannibal camp, you’ll likely just respawn at the mouth of the cave or at the edge of the camp with a health setback. That’s it!

In addition to this, you won’t even lose any of your items when you die! Dying in multiplayer mode, unlike in single-player mode, doesn’t result in the loss of your inventory in any way. Playing Sons of the Forest in multiplayer mode is definitely the way to go if you’re playing it for the first time, since you’re essentially able to go and do whatever you want without fear of death or inventory loss.

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The death mechanic in the single-player version of Sons of the Forest can be somewhat brutal, but what more could you expect from a survival horror game? If you love playing Sons of the Forest and would love to check out more survival horror games just like it, check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for The Last of Us, Five Nights at Freddy’s, or The Quarry!

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