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How to Upgrade Guns in Resident Evil Village

How to Upgrade Guns in Resident Evil Village

You could say a lot about Resident Evil Village’s mysterious merchant, the Duke: he is a very large man, he is surprisingly sprightly for such a large man, and he has a very particular inflection in the way he speaks. But besides all that, he is also a very skilled man, and one of those skills happens to be the time-honored art of gunsmithing. Here’s how to upgrade guns in Resident Evil Village.

Much like the classic Merchant in Resident Evil 4, the Duke offers three sub-shops in his little traveling emporium: the Supply store, where you can buy helpful items, the Duke’s Purse, where you can sell off items and weapons you don’t need for Lei, and the Gunsmithy.

How to Upgrade Guns in Resident Evil Village

At the Gunsmithy, you can pay Lei to have the Duke upgrade the stats on your weapons, though don’t be surprised if he charges you an arm and a leg. Every weapon has four stats you can pay to upgrade:

  • Power: How much flat damage a shot from the weapon does.
  • Rate of Fire: How quickly you can pull the trigger.
  • Reload Speed: How long it takes Ethan to put a new magazine in.
  • Ammo Capacity: How many rounds that weapon’s magazine can hold.

Naturally, each of these upgrade levels will incur higher costs of Lei, so try not to upgrade any weapons you’re not actively using. Also, different weapons have different upgrade limits; for example, the starting pistol’s rate of fire can go as high as level 3, while the basic shotgun’s rate of fire can’t go any higher than level 1.

Besides the Gunsmithy upgrades, there are also attachments you can get for your weapons that can be installed from your inventory. This includes things like higher-damage barrels and expanded magazines. Some of these attachments can be purchased from the Duke, but many of them can only be uncovered out in the world, so make sure to search every area thoroughly.

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