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RE4 Separate Ways Best Weapons

Another mission, another weapon to handle
Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Trailer Screenshot
Screenshot via CAPCOM

Fans have waited patiently and the moment has finally arrived to play as the icon, the legend that is Ada Wong. It is the most mysterious aspect throughout the Resident Evil timeline… and that is saying a lot when Wesker, the T-Virus and Chris’s biceps to IQ ratio exist.

Resident Evil 4 took the industry by storm, becoming a massive hit, and reached milestones for 5 million copies sold within three months of its release. Although many are wondering what is to come next from CAPCOM when we talk about Resident Evil – a remake of the original perhaps? Or maybe a complete rebirth of RE5? Or perhaps just a new entry into the franchise to follow on from the Winters story.

What CAPCOM decides to do next is up to them as I’m sure they will smash records regardless of the release so long as the Resident Evil title is slapped onto it. With the role they are on currently, players get their next RE dose with the return of Ada Wong’s Campaign – Separate Ways. For those who played the original or first-timers, Ada Wong is awaiting your firearm instructions and these are our recommendations of what to use when you head back into the rural village of crazed and deformed maniacs who worship their Los Iluminados. This is Vincent’s guide on the best weapons to use in RE4 Remake – Separate Ways.

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Best Weapons to Use in Resident Evil 4 Remake: Separate Ways – WWAWD?

What Would Ada Wong Do? (WWAWD) That is the question you have to ask yourself when you rock up to your assignment in the RE4 DLC. The Separate Ways DLC offers the regulars – from the much beloved Red9, the consistent TMP, to the heavy damage dealer of the RPG (Rocket Launcher).

But being Ada Wong, perhaps it is more appropriate to look at what she offers in her personal locker. Similar to what she was working with in Resident Evil 2, Ada’s personal equipment leaves much to be desired.

In Chapter 1 of the DLC, we highly recommend opting for the Base Game’s TMP over her firearm as this will allow you to take down multiple lower-scaled enemies with ease. Ammo conservation may be an issue however depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

Upon reaching Chapter 2, we recommend the switch to the W-870 Shotgun. The W-870 offers close-quarter combat that you will likely find yourself in often against Bosses. We recommend, of course, keeping this around with you and switching between the TMP and Shotgun for when it is most appropriate.

Outside of these two weapons, the best available in the Separate Ways DLC are the Rocket Launcher and Stingray, with the Red9 coming in clutch as a great firearm to use towards the end of the game. The cost of the Rocket Launcher however will set you back 80,000 but the damage is well worth its investment and seeing Ada Wong wield a weapon twice the size of her just completes her iconic look.

If you cannot afford the Rocket Launcher, another great option is the Blast Crossbow. This item is fantastic again areas where there are a lot of enemies where you can form a bottleneck approach to funnel in the enemies together and use the Bow to blast them away with explosive rounds. Alternatively, defeating Mini Bosses is made easy with the Crossbow, along with it being useful in the main Boss fights throughout the Chapters.

How to Unlock the Best Weapons in RE4: Separate Ways?

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Trailer Weapons Header
Screenshot via CAPCOM

Whilst there are not that many weapons on offer in the Separate Ways DLC, there is a blatant divide between the weakest and strongest. When it comes to firearms, we recommend the Red9. However, in obtaining this weapon, you will find yourself nearing the last Chapter available in the DLC so perhaps its recommendation is unnecessary but the choice is there for when you reach Chapter 4.

All in all, we recommend the TMP and W-870 for general use, the Blast Crossbow, and Rocket Launcher for Boss fights, and the Stingray for high damage, and precision shooting if you have a lot of ammo to spare. Similar to Red9 however, the Stingray can be purchased in Chapter 5, placing its recommendation lower down the list in terms of accessibility and use throughout the DLC.

If you are playing on a harder difficulty, using these weapons may not be as viable due to the limited ammo drops throughout the DLC. With 5 Chapters total, you may find yourself using the Blacktail throughout. If this is the case, upgrading this whenever possible will keep your damage up, whilst being able to nab yourself ammo throughout to keep your survivability at an all-time high.

Here is how to unlock the best weapons in Separate Ways:

  • TMP – Unlocked by default.
  • W-870 – Merchant (Chapter 2) for 12,000.
  • Rocket Launcher – Merchant (Chapter 2) for 80,000.
  • Blast Crossbow – Abandoned Factory (Chapter 3).
  • Stingray – Merchant (Chapter 5) for 20,000.
  • Red9 – Merchant (Chapter 4) for 14,000.

We hope this guide was helpful in your time playing as Ada Wong. For more horror content, we have How to Skip the Village Fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake and Best Charms to Use in Resident Evil 4 Remake readily available to view. Be sure to follow us on Facebook if you want to support the team. Thank you for reading this article.

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