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What Happens if You Shoot the Lake in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

A guide on what not to do
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We can all agree that Jumpscares are the spawn of Satan, right? Whilst I personally think that they add little-to-no atmosphere, with a build up that can easily be called-out as a leading action towards a Jumpscare, a lot of consumers are a fan of this type of scare. But what about Jumpscares in a Video Game? Well Capcom attempted this back in 2005 with Resident Evil 4, placing an Easter Egg in a location that many would not think anything scary would be placed. That was inside the Lake. But this Easter Egg would previously be an Achievement for the HD Project of the fourth installment. Now, players wondered if this dreaded Easter Egg would make its return in the Remake. This is what happens if you shoot the Lake in Resident Evil 4.

What is the ‘Do Not Shoot the Water!’ Easter Egg?

The ‘Do Not Shoot the Water’ Easter Egg returns and all players have to do is shoot the Lake. Sounds simple right? It is, so go ahead and empty a clip into the Lake from the edge of the Docks or, try your luck at taking out the nearby fish. After a couple attempts the screen turns black and a Jumpscare reveals itself to be the Del Lagos, a terrifying abnormal-sized Amphibian turned mutant from Las Plagas. This Jumpscare is an instant game-over so please do not attempt this if you have not saved your game recently. It is not worth the scare.

This Jumpscare previously came as an Achievement titled ‘Do Not Shoot the Water’, however the Achievement has been removed from the Remake but the scare remains. Unlike the original though, its Jumpscare is a little more predictable this time around, even if you do not know of Del Lagos. That is due to the black transition screen that appears before the Jumpscare. However, I imagine it still frightened those who had not heard of this Achievement or missed out on playing the original. That is the purpose of a Remake after all.

The Homage Paid to Del Lagos

Whilst this Jumpscare does not hit nearly as hard as the original, it is still a great moment to include in the Remake. The Del Lagos was a terrifying beast and one that continues to inspire the Capcom team. With a resemblance of Del Lagos with Resident Evil 8: Village’s Moreau and his true aquatic form.

Now that you know what happens if you shoot the Lake, be sure to get your friends round and try it out for themselves. Make this a teaching moment for them. I wonder if they know about Del Lagos…

We hope this answered any questions you may have had regarding the Lake and Del Lagos. We have a lot more Resident Evil content readily available with more guides along the way, so be sure to keep your eyes on Gamer Journalist.

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