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Will The Brute Chase Leon like Mr. X in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

A mix of man, beast and parasite
Image via Capcom

How to terrify those who played the original Resident Evil 4 game? Add new enemies of course. Whilst the Remake has not seen a huge overhaul in the setting and atmosphere that the enemies give off during each fight, being those who easily swarm the player, leaving little room for an opening, intricate details have been added to bring these characters to life. Although a lot of the enemies you see are repeated, with a distinct feature that makes them stand out, typically being their sex or weapon they are carrying. But amongst the herd, there are some enemies that take the spotlight away from those pesky Ganado. These are the Chainsaw Villagers and the new Mini-Boss, The Brute. But who is this powerhouse of an enemy and will The Brute chase Leon throughout the Resident Evil Remake?

Who is The Brute?

The Brute is a new member as part of the Los Illuminados. They join the fight alongside their Ganado comrades in trying to take down Leon. Their presence is terrifying and distinct, standing out in the pack as a wild beast against the deranged Chainsaw Villager who makes his first appearance in Chapter 1. Capcom’s Art Director, Hirofumi Nakaoka reveals that the decision to add a new strong character for Leon to face was specifically to add something different to those we are used to seeing. Unlike the many characters in the game who appear human but also inhuman due to the effects of Las Plagas, The Brute is in a tier of its own.

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Nakaoka explains how The Brute’s appearance is something that a Los Illuminados follower would choose to do as animal heads are shown often as decorative items within the Village’s aesthetic. Such an idea would provoke a follower such as a Ganado, who would think that wearing a Cow’s head may offer strength. The Brute’s name itself implies that that this man is more animal than human. Our introduction alone of The Brute smashing through the Barn door depicts a rabid animal who has escaped their cage. There is also symbolism between The Brute and the Greek Mythological Tale of the Minotaur. As the Minotaur becomes entrapped within a Labyrinth, Leon’s time within Resident Evil 4 is very much like a Labyrinth itself.

Will The Brute Be a Recurring Boss?

Interestingly, there are multiple Brutes in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. They make their appearance throughout the game similar to the Chainsaw Villagers, who previously were known as a singular entity in the form of Dr. Salvador. This time however, these Mini-Bosses have been chosen to torment Leon at times of chaos, appearing at the most frustrating moments of transitioning between Chapters. What is interesting is that a character such as The Brute, with such an iconic design, similar to Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, is not a singular Boss but are multiple Ganados dressing up with the Cow’s head and wielding the Hammer to channel their inner Thor.

Whilst The Brute is similar in design to the Executioner Majini in Resident Evil 5, with a Hammer that performs a devastating 360 degree swinging attack, this Boss does not chase Leon around the Map. In fact, you can kill this Boss every time you see it. All you need is 4 grenades and 2 shotgun bullets, easy no?

What do you think about the new enemy, The Brute in Resident Evil 4 Remake? We have a lot more RE4 content available at Gamer Journalist if you are looking for more guides and information.

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