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How to Unlock Secret Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns?

Robomando comes to action!
Risk of Rain Returns
Image by Hopoo Games

The developers from Hopoo Games have hidden a secret and a very powerful unlockable character inside the Risk of Rain Returns. Here, we bring you instructions on how to locate and unlock this secret character called Robomando. There are a few steps and stages required to unlock the Robomando.

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How to Find Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns?

The first step is relatively easy – the first thing you need to do is to turn on Drizzle and start the Run. Make sure that you are a Survivor with good mobility, and maybe grab a few feathers on the way if you can. Once in the Run, you need to reach the fifth stage – The Temple of the Elders.

In each variant of this stage, you’ll be able to find a hidden pot, either on the very left or very right side of the stage. To reach it, you might have to Traverse to the top of the stage to get outside of the building walls. Once you reach the pot, interact with it, and inside, you’ll find a strange battery. At first, it seems it does nothing, but this equipment is the key to unlocking the hidden character.

Step two is to bring this battery to the contact light, which is the final stage of the game. Once here, you will need to travel on top of the ship from the outside. Travel to the far right side of the stage, and hidden deep down underneath the contact light, you’ll find a secret area with a group of Golems chilling to some music on their boom box. Continue through the room, and you’ll find a chest that requires you to put the equipment inside of it.

Place your strange battery inside and end the run by either dying or killing Providence. Once that run is over, in step three, you start another run, this time on either rainstorm difficulty or higher. Note that there is a bug as of version 1.0.2 where if you have the Prophet’s Cape green item, your game has a chance of crashing while completing the later steps of this run. So, it is best to avoid picking one up while trying to complete this.

Your objective now is to reach stage two and find the chest that you put the battery in on the last run. This chest acts as a way to transfer equipment from one run to another so the strange battery will drop from it.

Step four is pretty simple. Once you progress to stage three and finish the teleporter event, you will have to wait before leaving for the next stage until your game time is between 22 and 22.59 minutes before activating the stage 3 teleporter to send you to stage 4. If done correctly, you will spawn on stage 4 with something special buried in the ground, almost drone-like. If you place the strange battery in it, you will spawn an extremely powerful robot commando that takes every single one of your items.

Secret Survivor Skills Risk of Rain Returns

To complete the final step, you’ll need to accept defeat and die while the robot is still alive. Robomando is the Secret Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns, and their skills are something else. The robot is much faster than any other Survivor, it has a primary very similar to commando’s Double tap and a secondary that pierces enemies and stuns them. There’s also a very funny utility when the robot attempts to dive forward and lands right on the ground.

Robot also possesses a secret skill, one of the most powerful in the game, and that is the ability to open any chest drone and Multishop for absolutely free. If you get an Ancient Scepter, a red item that upgrades a Survivor special, this skill is given a 20 % chance to double the output of any chest opened using the skill.

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