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How to Tag the Founding Father’s Face in Goat Simulator 3

Not on the face!
Image via Coffee Stain Studio

The amount of absurd, albeit fun things to do and explore is almost limitless. You’re basically limited by your imagination. And the developers made sure that whatever you try to do in the game, you will be recognized as the GOAT, while being a goat in Goat Simulator 3. Goatception. Anyway, one area you can visit is the Libertarian Island, where you can find the Statue of Libertarian, a clear spoof of the Statue of Liberty. There are several things to do here, and we’re going to talk about one of them. Prepare yourself for the ultimate act of mischief. Here is how to tag the Founding Father’s face in Goat Simulator 3.

How to Tag the Founding Father’s Face

Like I said before, in order to tag the Founding Father’s Face, you will have to travel to the Libertarian Island, more specifically to the Statue of Libertarian. Be sure to equip the Baansky headgear. You can find it in Downtown at the Curator Quest. You will have to jump all the way up to the statue’s head, so use the fans that are on the back of the statue to propel yourself up. Once you’re on top of the statue’s head, make sure to face the back of the statue. Time your jump down, so you can spray paint in the face of the statue. If done correctly, you will have completed the challenge.

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I told you it was the ultimate act of mischief. And it is one of the most lighthearted challenges in the game. Imagine what is left for you to do in Goat Simulator 3. This will only get even crazier, so for starters, just tag the Founding Father’s face. We will see about the nukes later.

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