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All Goat Simulator Music and Songs from Official Soundtrack

The goat of all soundtracks.
Image Via Coffee Stain Studios

Now that Dead Island 2 is delayed, again, I can only think about the mock trailer that was to unveil of Goat Simulator 3 (there is no Goat Simulator 2, stop). Without a doubt, It was a hilarious tribute to the original Dead Island 2 trailer, and what I really liked about it was the music that played on the background. Really chaotic scenery with light-hearted song playing above the mayhem? In other words, pure art. So pretty much was sold the minute the trailer premiered, and a lot of people began looking for the name of the song (we’ll talk about it later). Anyway, a new interest for Goat Simulator music has sparked, specially since the second/third installment of the game is out. For that reason, here are all music and songs from Goat Simulator Official Soundtrack.

All Music and Songs From Goat Simulator Official Soundtrack

Both games feature a lot of iconic music. You need music if you’re going to be a goat, and certainly if you’re going to be the GOAT being a goat. So I will list all music and songs from Goat Simulator’s Original Soundtrack for both games. Just a note though: the developers have only officially released the OST for the original game, nevertheless I’m going to list whatever I can find that is included in Goat Simulator 3.

Goat Simulator Official Soundtrack

  1. Dead Goatland
  2. Goat Chill
  3. Happy Goat
  4. Everyday Goat
  5. Cabrito Park
  6. Goat Trap
  7. Goat Storm (Nyan Goat Mix)

Goat Simulator 3 Soundtrack (WIP)

  1. Goat Castle Intro
  2. Goat Castle Theme
  3. Farm Theme
  4. Goat Strat Theme
  5. Suburbsville Theme
  6. Mumbo Jumbo by Paul Paljett
  7. Blue Danube (Johann Strauss II)
  8. Save The World by Unknown Artist
  9. Anden i lampan by Paul Paljett aka the Trailer song.

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As you can see, the original soundtrack is more fleshed out, but we will just have to wait for the developers to publish the OST for Goat Simulator 3, if it ever happens. In the meantime, keep creating chaos while being a simulation goat. After all, it doesn’t even matter it is the best kind of fun.

Goat Simulator 3 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. If you like our Goat Simulator content, be sure to check out How to complete the Ballerina Effect Event and Create Tornado in Goat Simulator 3 and How to Reach the Stratosphere in Goat Simulator 3.

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