How to Start the Guardian Games Event in Destiny 2

How to Start the Guardian Games Event in Destiny 2

The weekly reset has arrived for Destiny 2, and this weekly recent is a big one. Guardian Games is the brand new event introduced to Destiny 2, where Guardian classes go up against each other. Players must attempt to outscore one another and be crowned the highest scoring class of Guardian when the event ends.

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To start, you need to visit Eva Levante in the Tower and proceed to get the Guardian Games class item through the milestone. This class item must be worn during the Guardian Games to score points for your Guardian Class and complete Guardian Games challenges.  

Once you get the item, you can start completing challenges to earn Medals and Laurel Points. There will be a Guardian Class leading the event at any given time up until the Guardian Games ends. At each daily reset, the Guardian Classes in the lead will be shown by either Gold, Silver, or Bronze placement depending on how many points they have. 

After the event is over after three weeks, the winning class will be crowned and memorialized as a statue in the Tower throughout the rest of the year.

How to Start Guardian Games in Destiny 2

To start the Guardian Games Event, head to Eva Levante in the Tower. Next, go through all her dialogue, and she will lead you to Zavala, located behind Eva. Zavala will walk you through getting started with the Guardian Games Event. 

Zavala will make you choose between three different cloaks, which you will need to equip to go onto the next parts of the quest. Next, you will have to go back to Eva Levante.

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