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How to Solve The Expanding Glade Puzzle in Remnant 2

Stuck with the Expanding Glade puzzle?
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Even though Remnant 2 is one of the most popular RPG shooters out there right now, its gameplay is far more diverse than plain shooting at enemies. The game will require you to strategize often and use your little grey cells quite a bit.

The Expanding Glade puzzle is one of those things that will take plenty of brains and almost no brawn to complete. As we have seen for ourselves, the puzzle can seem confusing when you first face it, but after brainstorming it a little bit the solution started coming to us. Keep reading to check out how to solve the Expanding Glade puzzle in Remnant 2.

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The Expanding Glade Puzzle Solution – Remnant 2

As a hardcore escape room fan, I can tell you that I live for well-crafted puzzles in any game I play. Remnant 2 is no different and the Expanding Glade puzzle was quite a challenge when I approached it for the first time. However, once you start exploring the area and start paying attention to the little things the solution starts to reveal itself.

The first thing you need to do when you come near the tall bell tower is to step on the platform that’s located at the entrance and quickly go back. This will trigger the platform to go upwards revealing 4 unique symbols. Once the platform is lifted all the way up, you can use the lever to the right of it to activate it again and let it come down. Control it multiple times with the lever until you’ve memorized the symbols and the order in which they were shown (you can write it down if it’s easier for you).

Now, go down two flights of stairs, and once you’re on the ground floor of the structure go in the area between a pair of stairs. This is the area where you came from when arriving at the bell tower in the first place.

Between the stairs, you will see a wall, but that’s actually a secret passage. Run to the wall like Harry Potter to the 9 and 3/4 platform and you’ll soon find yourself in a room with a giant spinning wheel machine. Start interacting with it and you’ll see that you can move its 4 circles around, managing different symbols.

What you need to pay attention to is the top vertical column (the spinning wheel machine has a pointer to help you). You need to align the symbols that you saw on that bell tower raising platform to this machine, in the order that you saw them. Once you have completed the puzzle successfully a round door in front of you will open.

What Do You Get by Solving the Expanding Glade Puzzle?

When you solve the Expanding Glade puzzle you will get the Blooming Heart Relic as a reward. Upon activation, this Relic heals the user for 35% of their Max Health over 5 seconds. It also spawns 3 Healing Orbs with the same healing bonus. It’s a great item you can use it in those clutch situations where you’ve been hurt more than you expected and need a quick HP refill.

We hope that our guide helped you unravel the mystery of the Expanding Glade puzzle. Read more about Remnant 2 in our guides How to Get Sporebloom in Remnant 2 and How to Get Heart Seed in Remnant 2. Join Gamer Journalist on Facebook and read more exciting guides every day!

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