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How to Repair the Lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb

Let there be light.
Image via Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

Lighthouses have been around for hundreds of years, though before there was electricity, they were essentially just gigantic fiery torches. You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to maintain a giant fiery torch, but the Lighthouse Keepers in Cult of the Lamb prove otherwise. It wouldn’t be the first bunch of weirdos you recruit to your ways, so here’s how to repair the lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Repair the Lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb

The first time you encounter the Fisherman on your Crusades, you’ll unlock a new overworld area, Pilgrim’s Passage. The Fisherman hangs out on the right side of the shore, doing his thing, but we’re more interested in the striped lighthouse located on the left side. If you step into the lighthouse, you’ll be greeted by the slightly-manic ravings of its keepers, who don’t know how to light it up after their leader took a long walk off a short pier.

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The solution is incredibly simple: the large furnace behind the keeper is just out of fuel. All you need to do is go fetch 15 logs and dump them into the furnace to relight the lighthouse. You can get logs from log rooms and trees on your Crusades, or you can just have a follower get you some from your cult’s Lumber Yard.

Image via Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

Once the lighthouse relights, the keepers will pledge themselves to you, creating a totem you can harvest Devotion from on a regular basis. Additionally, with the beacon back to guide them, the pilgrims will return to Pilgrim’s Passage, setting up shops where you can buy Tarot Cards and Decorations for your cult base.

We’re not quite done yet, though. If you speak to the keeper again, he’ll request 25 crystals to make the lighthouse a bit flashier. Crystals can only be found in the third dungeon, Anchordeep, so you’ll need to progress the story until you have access to it. Within Anchordeep, crystals will spawn semi-regularly from shiny, gem-encrusted rocks. Keep your eyes peeled for these rocks while Crusading.

Bring the 25 crystals back to the keeper, and he’ll reward you with an adorable axolotl follower form for your new converts. Everything’s better with more axolotls.

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