How to Quickly Mine Bloodstones in My Time at Sandrock?

What is mined is mine.
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My Time at Sandrock is a wholesome post-apocalyptic game. This sounds contradictory, but it isn’t since this game combines the world and settings of Fallout games with the characters and atmosphere of Stardew Valley. Some 300 years after the apocalypse, you’re a young builder who tries to restore some of the old world.

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How to Get Bloodstones in My Time at Sandrock?

You can get Bloodstones in a few different ways. The easiest way doesn’t take you to walk around very far. There’s a desert near your workshop which contains a lot of hard rocks you can mine. You can also buy the Bloodstone, forge it in a refinery, and get it from some defeated enemies.

Mining the Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a rare, glossy material with a high hardness that works well for making tools. The whole “blood” thing shouldn’t alarm you; in fact, it’s pleasant to look at. The best place to mine Bloodstones is a rock quarry in the Efuaula Desert. This desert is made after the Gobi desert, and it occupies a big part of the southeastern map.
So far, the greatest method for obtaining Bloodstone is mining it from the Hard Rocks in the Efuaula Desert. You can mine the hard rocks in the desert once you have a bronze pick hammer, which you can craft on your worktable. Just be aware that Bloodstone is very rare, and you will have to mine a lot of rocks before getting some of the precious stones.

Other Ways to Get Bloodstone

You can also get Bloodstones from an ore refinery later on in the game. Like the Recycler, you can dump a lot of stone into the refinery to increase your chances of getting Bloodstones as a drop! Alternatively, you could just buy them for about 40 Gols from the Ceramic Gate Shop, but that’s a lot of money for something that can be found in your backyard! Additionally, once the desert is unlocked, there’s a location next to the water oasis area where a boss that drops roughly three blood stones every day will spawn.

Bloodstone is a rare metal, and it’s also very useful for crafting. Just be patient, and you’ll find it, not aplenty, but enough. For more related content, try out our articles How to Make and Organize Storage Chests in Coral Island or Where Can You Find Pre-War Money in Fallout 76.

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