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How to Make and Organize Storage Chests in Coral Island?

Need more storage?
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In any farming or gathering game, where resources are important, you’re going to want to store everything you find. The best way to keep organized in Coral Island is by making a storage chest, and today I’m going to show you how to do that. Here’s how you can stay organized in Coral Island by building a storage chest.

How to Make a Storage Chest in Coral Island?

If you want to make a storage chest in Coral Island, you’re going to want to open your crafting menu and find the necessary resources to build it. Crafting is simple in Coral Island, and it will require you to gather supplies to make tools or stage units. To make a storage chest, find 25x wood and 13x trash, which are easily found scattered around the world. Go into your crafting menu and locate the Makeshift Storage Chest.

After you have built your storage unit, you can add anything you want to it to help organize your space. You can either place it in your inventory or have it linked to a hot bar for easy use. Make sure you place it somewhere where you can find it easily so you can avoid wasting time finding it. That’s how you make a storage chest in Coral Island!

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Is there a Max Capacity for a Storage Chest in Coral Island?

With how many items there are in Coral Island, you’re going to want to make sure you only save what you need versus what you can get rid of or sell. That max capacity for a storage chest is 40 items or less, and even if that seems like a lot, if you’re a hoarder like I am, it’s going to fill up fast. Thankfully, you can make more storage chests to help you store important items. You can also add things to your bag, and you can expand the number of slots in it a total of four times.

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