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How to Play with Friends in Tape to Tape – Multiplayer Guide

Defeat is inevitable!
Characters in Tape to Tape
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Tape to Tape is a rogue-lite hockey game that’s been taking the sports gaming world by storm! This unique hockey game is so much more than just a sports game, however; if you love going on wacky adventures under false pretenses and achieving ultimate glory in the process, then you need to download Tape to Tape as soon as possible!

Tape to Tape may be one of the greatest hockey games ever made, but even great games have their drawbacks. Keep reading to find out if one of Tape to Tape’s drawbacks includes its multiplayer options!

How to Play with Friends in Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape can very easily be played single-player, but anyone who’s played it knows that it’s a game that’s best played with friends. Unfortunately, however, it does like to be a bit difficult when it comes to multiplayer options.

For starters, Tape to Tape has no true online multiplayer feature; when it comes to playing with others, you kind of have to play with friends.

You may not be able to wipe the floor with random players online, but you are still able to wipe the floor with your friends! Thankfully, Tape to Tape has always and likely will always offer local co-op. You can play Tape to Tape with up to 4 people locally or by using Steam remote play.

Additionally, you can choose to join the Tape to Tape Discord server to play with the dev community or to simply find other like-minded players to play with. The Tape to Tape Roguelite campaign can also be played cooperatively with friends if you’re looking for a truly unique experience!

Although Tape to Tape’s multiplayer capabilities are currently only limited to local co-op and remote play, the developers have mentioned that they’d like to introduce an online multiplayer feature to the game eventually: “We are definitely interested in developing an online multiplayer mode farther down the road with enough support from the community!”

Does Tape to Tape Offer Split-Screen Co-Op?

It’s a relatively well-known fact that Tape to Tape offers local co-op and remote play, but not many people are aware that it also offers split-screen co-op as well! If you have a few friends but only one screen, then you can rest easy knowing that you can still enjoy playing Tape to Tape with them regardless.

Tape to Tape offers shared/split-screen gameplay for both co-op and PvP. And since you can play with up to 4 players at a time, 4 players can easily play Tape to Tape together on a single screen!

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Tape to Tape Teams
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What Platforms Is Tape to Tape Available On?

Contrary to popular belief, Tape to Tape is offered on more than just PC! Tape to Tape can be enjoyed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. It’s still in its Early Access phases, but it costs roughly $20 on all of the platforms that it’s offered on.

You might think that $20 is a bit of a steep price for a game about hockey, but you’d be surprised at just how detailed this game actually is! Tape to Tape is a rogue-lite hockey game that gives players the ultimate quest: build the best hockey team ever created!

Tape to Tape is a game full of bribery, funky team names, morally unclean referees, and passionately unique hockey players. If you happen to own any of the 4 platforms that this game is available on, then I highly recommend downloading it as soon as possible, because Tape to Tape is so much more than just a hockey game!

Tape to Tape is easily one of the greatest sports hockey games of all time. In Tape to Tape, players must lead their teams to consistent victories in increasingly chaotic clashes, which is easily similar to the gameplay of Rocket League and Golf with Your Friends. Check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for both games to learn more about how they’re similar to Tape to Tape!

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