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How to Play Split Screen Co-Op in Evil West

Playing with friends is interesting.
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Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog’s latest release, Evil West; is a bombastic vampire-hunting extravaganza that captures a Van Helsing kind of take on the old west. But going up against enemies alone isn’t always the best way tactic, so it’s best to call for some backup. And if you’ve got a friend to play with, then you’d be happy to know that Evil West has co-op! But can you play Evil West in split-screen co-op? We’ll explain.

How to Play Split Screen Co-Op in Evil West

Co-Op Screen
Image via Flying Wild Hog

When it comes to co-op in Evil West, players are allowed to invite up to one player to their game, playing off of their own progression with some backup on their side. One very cool aspect of this co-op way to play is that when killed, a living player can revive the other to keep the game going.

But if you’re wondering whether or not there’s a split-screen in Evil West, you’ll be met with an unfortunate answer; as the game does not support it. You can only play Evil West with a friend if you invite them to your game through online services on the platform you’re playing on. So, there’s no sort of local play at all essentially.

Additionally, you cannot play with random players online nor is there cross-play either, so you will need to make sure you have friends that own the game too and are on the same platform in order to play with someone else. It’s also important to note that only the player hosting the game’s campaign will progress, and the joining player will not earn anything from playing.

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Though you really don’t get much from playing with friends in-game, it can still be a very fun experience regardless. And no matter the difficulty, the enemies will be scaled up to match the fact that there are two players playing, to offer some more complex combat.

How to Play Online Co-Op in Evil West

To play online with friends, the process is simple.

  • You first need to have completed the first level in the game and have True Death disabled.
  • From there, head to the main menu and select Multiplayer.
  • Once on that screen, you can invite a friend to your current level, either from your current checkpoint or from its beginning.
  • Then, simply start the game to play together!

Well, now you need all you need to about Evil West’s multiplayer and whether or not there’s actually a split-screen option. Be sure to check out some of our other great Evil West guides too, like “How Perks and Leveling-Up Work in Evil West”.

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