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How Perks and Leveling-Up Work in Evil West

Another game to grind.
Evil West Skill Tree
Image Via Flying Wild Hog

The time has come to enter the old west yet again, as Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog’s own vampiric take on it, Evil West, is finally here for players to dive into! With chaotic battles that ensue, a gorgeous world to explore, and lots of things to unlock, there seems to be no shortage of wonder that comes with Evil West. But if you’ve been playing and are having a hard time navigating the Perks and Leveling systems in Evil West, then we can help. We’ll explain how Perks and Leveling-up work in Evil West.

How Perks and Leveling-Up Work in Evil West

In order to even talk about Perks, we need to explain how to actually acquire the things you’ll use to unlock them; Perk Points. Perks are actually tied directly to how you level up in Evil West, as you earn Perk Points at every level you gain as you progress. You get one Perk Point per level you achieve to spend on your Perks page, in the game’s menu.

To level up, you’ll acquire XP over time as you play the game, taking on the various enemies it throws at you. Doing things like parrying enemy attacks, and shooting them in their weak spots will help to gain you some extra XP, thus expediting the process a bit.

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As far as Perk goes at that point, there are over 15 perks to unlock, including a few hidden ones as well. Perks have different costs of Perk Points, as well as levels that need to be reached in order to even purchase them.

These perks all affect all of your character’s stats, of course, making them better in different areas of expertise. They’re essential to gameplay especially if you’re playing on a higher difficulty, so be sure to utilize them the best you can.

If you feel that a certain build you’re going with isn’t meeting your playstyle expectations, you’re actually able to reset them by visiting Virgil in his workshop in the hub town called Calico. It doesn’t cost anything to do it and you get all of the Perk Points back that you spent.

Well, now you know everything you need to about how Perks and Leveling-up work in Evil West! For more on this gothic western shooter, be sure to check out some of our helpful guides such as “How Long is Evil West? Answered”.

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