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All Enemy Types in Evil West and How to Defeat Them

What can you expect to fight?
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Fans of westerns and fans of vampires both have something to enjoy as Flying Wild Hog and Focus Entertainment’s latest project, Evil West is here to deliver some adrenaline-filled gameplay. Over the course of this title’s beefy campaign, you’ll come across many an enemy across the game’s three different types of enemies. But with each type requiring a bit of knowledge when it comes to taking them on, it’s important to have a bit of help. So, let’s talk about all of the enemy types in Evil West and how to defeat them!

All Enemy Types in Evil West and How to Defeat Them

When it comes to the enemies in Evil West, they’re going to fall into one of three types; Sanguisuges, Monsters, and Familiars. Each enemy type has its own number of variations that make up quite a savory number of enemies to kill, most of which differ in attacks.


The Sanguisuges are mutated versions of humans that are basically freshly-made vampires. As such, a lot of them attack in a sluggish melee fashion. This type of enemy seems to be the easiest to take on, no matter which variant you’re going up against.

There are spitters, brutes, and bosses, to name a few, but again, because they’re newer vampires, they’re more cavemen-like in their attacks. So just be aware of them and use the cannonball move often to get the better of them.

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Monsters are probably the strongest enemy type, as they’re better at their job. They’re typically quicker, stronger, and more strategic in their attacks. They also have quite a few different variants, but most use melee attacks, though are more formidable, of course.

Using the Zapper against the Monsters is going to be your best tactic, as well as hitting these enemies in their weak points as soon as you get the chance. That aspect alone can really turn the tide of a fight.


Though Familiars are just humans at the end of the day, they really can’t be checked up to being an easy enemy. Most of them use ranged weapons and can hit quickly. So it’s best for you to use their own gunslinging tactics against them. Utilizing their weak points is the best strategy, but going in for hard melee attacks can really get the better of them too.

And there you have it! Those are all of the enemy types in Evil West and how you can defeat them! Though many aren’t easy, the tactics above will most definitely help in defeating them quickly. For more help in Evil West, be sure to check out our guides such as “How Perks and Leveling-Up Work in Evil West”.

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