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How to Play Better Defense in NBA2K20 MyCareer

How to Play Better Defense in NBA 2K20 MyCareer

Player Defense is one of the most important aspects of getting an excellent MyPlayer grade in NBA2k20’s MyCareer. It also affects your overall team performance and opportunities for VC. Your defense has a significant impact on team success, so do not underestimate how good it can be for your MyCareer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play better defense in NBA2K20 MyCareer.

How to Play Better Defense in NBA2K20 MyCareer

There are four things you can implement in your game to play better defense in NBA2K20. These include exerting smart effort, using the scouting report, keeping minimal distance, and upgrading badges.

Exert Smart Effort

Energy levels influence how you play defense. How you play defense relies on your energy levels. Even if your Defensive IQ is impressive, it will mean nothing if you’re defending someone who will plummet you down through the paint for an easy two points. You do not need to run through every screen or grab every rebound unless you are a center. 

Play smart in terms of your effort in defending. For example, if you are in the 3-point line, do not grab the easy rebound for your center for better stats. Instead, start running out for an outlet pass. Further, run around screens, and not through them. Many screens take up so much player energy that you are going to need to preserve in the course of the game. Try to run around them instead to get to your man quicker with less energy.

Use the Scouting Report

The scouting report is one of the best ways to have an advantage over your opponent tactically. For example, in a player like Jimmy Butler, his post defense is terrible, and his perimeter shot is a liability as well. The report tells me that I can feast in the post on offense, and on defense, leave him slightly guarded if he is ever taking a three or long two. 

However, the closer he gets to the paint, the closer he is to score a basket. Therefore, when guarding Jimmy Butler, I always prevent him from going inside or in the mid-range. Further, I always ask for the ball when I and down in the post as a Small Forward.

Keeping Minimal Distance 

You normally do not need to stick to your man with a white-on-rice defense approach, unless your player is specifically built for that. Often, a lot of builds are on the offensive side of things, so defense is not usually a priority. However, at all times, keep a safe distance from your opponent. 

A safe distance will mean different things for a lot of players, depending on their height and wingspan. For example, someone built like Kawhi Leonard can close out pretty quickly while someone like Chris Paul would struggle. With your build, you should know what length is safe for you to contribute to help defense and closing out to other players in the perimeter.

Upgrading Badges

While most players have offensive builds, be sure to upgrade your defensive badges. Be careful which ones you upgrade and which ones are good for your player. It can range from Worm to Brick Wall, depending on your MyPlayer needs. 

For example, a Point Guard should not be getting Brick Wall like a Center or Forward. Likewise, a Center MyPlayer should not get the pickpocketer badge over the box badge.

If you want to know how to play better defense in NBA2K20, make sure to incorporate these four strategies into your gameplay.

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