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How to Get a Better MyCareer Grade in NBA 2K20

How to Get a Better MyCareer Grade in NBA 2K20

Are you trying to figure out how to get a better MyCareer grade in NBA 2K20? It is almost too obvious to tell how the MyCareer grading formula works, but executing it is a different story. Here is how you can consistently achieve a better grade in MyCareer to get more VC, fans, and team chemistry.

How to Get a Better MyCareer Grade in NBA 2K20

  • Understand the formula
  • Play a good defense
  • Have good ball movement
  • Limit your turnovers

The Formula

Yes, there is a formula, kind of. However, there is an underlying principle to the way that NBA2k20 gives you a better teammate grade. Simply understand that the team comes before your solo performance. Even if you put up a 20-10-10 game, all of that goes out the window if you had eight turnovers and left your man on the defensive end and lost.

Although there are more specific tactics to get a better grade on MyCareer, understanding the formula that team success is more important than individual success is essential. I always thought that putting up points on the board is much better than dishing out or giving an extra pass to another teammate.

Good Defense

Even if it sounds simple, it is much harder to imply on the court. Unlike dunks or scoring, we do not see the benefits of good defense. Every time we think of a highlight reel, we do not think of Tony Allen or Patrick Beverly. Instead, we think of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and want to emulate their game.

However, as a team player, playing good defense in the NBA2k20 algorithm is valued much higher. It doesn’t even matter if the opponent scores. The system also gives you points for having a “good shot contest,” so use it to your advantage.

Ball Movement

The difference between a B- to an A- can just be the difference between a couple of nice assists and good passes. Passing the ball to literally any player on the court gives you extra points for your teammate grade. Other than trying to iso and make a turnover, just pass the ball out, and you are sure to be given a boost, even slightly to your grade.

Turnover Limitation

Having a single turnover in the game can kill your entire streak of incrementally increasing your teammate grade. For example, two turnovers can automatically drop you from an A- to a B-. In some way, this makes sense.

A turnover, if the other team converts, is a 4-point swing. You lose the opportunity to score a basket and give them a freebie on a fast break, losing 4 points in total. Instead of trying to be a flashy player or ball hog, make the simple and non-hero plays for a better grade in MyCareer.

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