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How to Make Stairs in Sons of the Forest

Bored of ramps?
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Sons of the Forest allows you to use your strangely impeccable wood working skills to construct a sturdy base built from the logs of the many, many trees. When constructing, players may want to build to higher elevations, and doing so will need stairs. Difficulty may arise when players realise their can build ramps, but struggle to build stairs. Here’s how to build stairs in Sons of the Forest.

How to build stairs in Sons of the Forest

Thankfully, building stairs is super, super easy in Sons of the Forest, and you need the exact same materials as though you were building a ramp. To build ramps or stairs, you need two whole wood logs and many split logs. When you’ve build the frames of your structure you can begin to build your stairs. With your logs in hand, look up to the higher joints of your structure. The points where the vertical and horizontal logs making the frame connect. You should see an arrow pointing diagonally downwards.

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You can click there to place a log. Place another log at the next joint to build the frame of your ramp or stairs. Now get a hold of your split logs. Run your sights down the inside of the two logs you have just placed. You should notice that arrows appear. These are where you’ll be placing your planks to build the ramp or stairs.

How there are by default builds a ramp. You must right click to change to stair-building mode. When you place your planks, you should notice them being placed face-up to construct your stairs. Make sure to place planks in all of the slots!

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