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How to Revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

You Felt Your Sins Crawling on your Back
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In 1969, writer Elisabeth Kübler-Ross developed the infamous coping model, the Five Stages of Grief. This model has been used to help many people cope with the inevitability of loss for decades. But, did you know that two more stages were added, making it the Seven Stages of Grief? They are: Denial, Pain, Anger, Depression, The Upward Turn, Reconstruction, and finally … Acceptance. I say all this because it’d seem that some players of Sons of the Forest are experiencing the first stage in regards to Kelvin.

In Sons of the Forest, your NPC companion (either Kelvin or Virginia, so far) can help you stay alert to the presence of enemies, in addition to gathering resources for your continued survival. To make matters that much worse, friendly fire has been turned on. But, because he can’t be killed by enemies, if he dies … it just proves that you are a monster. If you murdered your sole ally in Sons of the Forest and are feeling the weight of your sins upon your back … here’s how to revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

How to Revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

You can’t. If you killed Kelvin — on purpose or accidentally — you must live with that guilt. It might be a sign that you’re currently undergoing the denial stage of grief that you decided to search ‘how to revive Kelvin,’ but now you can proceed onward … to acceptance. I imagine you might be asking — isn’t there a way to manipulate the game’s code to bring him back?!

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I’ll admit, there are some shady methods to doing so. But, because there are just as many people who claim this method doesn’t work, we’ll avoid giving it more attention. In the end, Sons of the Forest is teaching its players to live with the consequences of their mistakes. R.I.P., Kelvin.

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