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How to Make Family Guy’s Joe Swanson in Armored Core

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Thanks to the share ID system in Armored Core 6, players are able to reproduce creations they see online. From something as simple as a decal to downloading an entire AC build with custom colors, the choices are endless. Furthermore, players have taken to creating cartoon characters in the form of giant metal tanks. Some of these can be from family franchises such as SpongeBob SquarePants, while others are adult-oriented. Let’s head over to Quahog and figure out how to make Family Guy’s Joe Swanson in Armored Core.

How to Make Family Guy’s Joe Swanson in Armored Core

How to Make Family Guy's Joe Swanson in Armored Core face
Image via IamTortueAgile/FromSoftware

This build comes to us courtesy of IamTortueAgile in the Armored Core Reddit. Where they have lovingly recreated one of Peter Griffin’s drinking friends and policeman, Joe Swanson. Fully equipped with a facial decal, clothing accurate colors, and his trusty pistol. The EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA legs are going to be the main factor in pulling this look off, so make sure to have these unlocked before trying this out. Along with these, the DF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANG arms help give the beefed upper body look we need.

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In order to use this build, you’ll want to head over to the AC Data tab in AC Design. Next, scroll over to the tab that says downloaded. Then, use the share ID from their build, which is: P0RQBZHXTPFH. Unfortunately, this creator plays the game on PS5, meaning this share ID is limited to PlayStation only. However, if you want to eyeball the parts and see if you can re-create it yourself, check out the original post on Reddit.

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